Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Country Lullaby...UPDATED

The fence project supervisors are gett'n ansy about the delay caused by the city not having marked their lines yet. So, I have been telling them of wild flowers, grasses, three delicious types of clover, and assorted other goodies to be had nearby

It works til nightfall, when they listen to a country lullaby from the waterfall by the deck to send them off to dreamland...


UPDATE:  After leaving many One Ringy Dingy messages for "Vinnie" at city hall to find out when he is coming to mark the city lines, he has called back to say, "I don't need to do that, just go ahead with the project."  Now our helper guy is not answering his phone... DAMMIT. 
Oh well, there are other things to work on, Dad & the cronies have decided to permanently have poker nights here, and Dad has an order in for ribs...


  1. No lines yet? That's not right.

  2. What's taking them so long? Poor cows (cattle?) I call anything with 4 legs and big brown eyes cows. It really ticks off some cattle people. I hope the cows/cattle aren't offended.

  3. The supervisors look pretty satisfied to me!

  4. LL: There is a lot "not right" about this project it seems. Could it be because I'm left handed?

    ADRIENNE: Actually those are cows & calves, called pairs. They don't care what you call them though, as long as you call them for dinner...

    GRANNYMAR: They are a dear family friends pairs. You can see more at Sunbright Angus

    WOODSTERMAN: This has been a hurry up & wait project from the get go...

    JENNY: Don't let the calm look fool you, those girls could eat your lunch if you messed with their babies. Sorta like us berserker moms...

  5. Pretty soon the peepers will be calling from the little swamp in the back. That's when I'll know Winter is finally over!

  6. Hoo boy... You must be interfering with their online searches and shopping...

  7. I like the way the frogs put in a little trill at the end of the lullaby.

  8. CHICKENMOM: They were much louder before I taped them, seems they are shy...

    OLDNFO: Yes, I think so...

    GRANNYANNIE: LOL, you should have heard them before I started taping!