Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flour power...

The fencing project is progressing slowly. A work order for the utilities to be marked has been done.  I tried to do it via phone, and may have been a little short with the lady, as she kept telling me "this is being recorded". "Yes ma'am I know that". "I also know that you should be able to give clear and concise instructions"  that ended trying to do it via phone...

 After that I went on line and did it that way, which was a snap.  One of the things that the phone lady told me was I had to mark, with white paint, where the fence line was going. On the website they say you can mark it with a variety of things, white flour being one. So now flour marks the fence line, and one of the utilities has come and marked two of the lines, with the others to follow, most likely Monday. Then we are good to get the fence in.

To keep Dad from getting too antsy about the fence I entered him in a Texas Hold'm poker tournament this weekend. He is looking forward to it, and has been playing dang near non stop on line to get in winning form.

I promised the Padre (LSP) that I would post pictures of some of the stone fences, built by the Chinese around the time of the gold rush, in N. Calif.  These pics are not mine (I could not find mine).

Oh, and the picture at the very top... my all time Favorite piece of Dad's welding... 
(three old disk blades)


  1. You must have interrupted her on line shopping spree... :-) And you had to move the rocks to farm... It's a world wide tradition and some amazing structures (they are well beyond mere walls) exist!

  2. Brig, this seems to be a VERY involved project. I had a notion that you could have it done in a day or two. Guess not. I'm not there and don't see what you see in terms of scope.

    Entering Dad in a poker tournament seems like a grand strategy.

  3. Brighid - I didn't know you had a blog. I just saw it on LSP's sidbar.

    I thought I had cornered the market on junipers, but I see you have plenty. I spent yesterday attacking junipers and mugo pines. I planted waaaaay too many.

  4. And......where does your brother live? We're in Post Falls, Idaho.

  5. Your dad's welding is a work of art. Very Zen. I could not take my eyes from it and was wondering where I could get something like that. Now I know! Fence is coming along nicely When you are done we need an arbor.

  6. Goodness, flour makes perfect sense. It is biodegradable, not like paint.
    I love that piece your dad made. I would be sorely tempted to plant trailing flowers in it. I know, desecration.

  7. Beautiful art piece! I see where you get your knack for being handy!

    Also impressed with the flour marking idea, and your poker strategy for your dad.

    I love stone walls-- very romantic!

  8. If only I could weld. I have so many disc blades, etc. around here and could create art. (Not as good as your Dad's though.) Plus with our rocky land I should be building fences with the ones we gather.

  9. OLD NFO: You could be right, she was not a happy person. The stone fences are works of art.

    LL: It started out like so many others as a simple project. Come supervise with Dad, on second thought that is too many chiefs and one Indian.

    ADRIENNE: Welcome! I'm glad you found your way here. My brother lives outside Idaho City.

    TABOR: I love it's Zenness, and it above all else is the thing that goes with me.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: LOL...There are flowering plants else where, and I can not desecrate the integrity of it's form, or something like that!

    JENNY: Thanks,I find the fences interesting, and like so many other things wish they could tell their stories.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Have been wanting to take a welding class for the longest time, maybe later this year. You could be the stacked lady!

  10. Love your treasure your Dad made for you. I cherish the ones my Dad made me too(-:
    The fence is always a complicated ordeal it seems. I am still waiting for one here. It has only been 25 years. I guess I have time. LOL Someday...that's what the husband says.

  11. CINDEE: We are blessed to have had such great Dads.
    LOL, you are way more patient then I am about projects.

  12. Never bend over around California bureaucrats.