Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shake it off...

Buying a new refrigerator, or spending your brother's share of the inheritance can be the same thing. I know that it is possible to do both in one go.
It started with Dad's 12 year old frig making strange noises. Then it defrosted the freezer side. After I cleaned out the freezer and hauled our frozen goods to the neighbors freezer, it decided to be freezy again. Carted all the stuff back and reloaded. Then the frig side went. Called the repair man.  Unless I wanted to spend more than the frig was worth, I needed to turn the dials, thump on the solenoidal housing, and pray it would stay alive til I could get a new one.
No problem, found the one I wanted online, in a price range I thought my brother would approve of. Down to the local (same retailer as online) store to see if they had the same one in stock.  Nope, they would have to order it. Plus, if I ordered it in store they would charge me $50 for delivery & set up, +10 for the disposal of the old frig.  What! if I ordered it online all that was included in the price, which by the way was $100 less... Back home to order it online. Ordered it, printed out my confirmation, and prayed that all would go smoothly.  Day came that I had seen as the delivery date, pulled the confirmation order, and the delivery date had been changed to a week further out. Damn, I could not talk them into changing it back to the original date.  I was now looking at seven days of no frig/freezer, while living with Dad who has to have his homemade coffee milkshake every afternoon, or else!
Off to the other local big box store, HD. Found a frig I liked, they had it in stock. After a bunch of conference calls with their delivery service, they agreed to deliver & setup that afternoon. I'm pretty darn sure they just wanted to get the fierce woman, who had a 91 year old Dad at home waiting for his homemade milkshake, out of the store. But what ever!
I get back home, call the first store, and cancel that order.  They are not as gracious as they could have been.  I explain in cowboy terms that it just wasn't meant to be.
Let Dad know we were getting the new frig from HD that afternoon.  And the phone rings, it's HD, the frig they had in the stock room was found to be severely damaged when they uncrated it. They could bend the rules of engagement and deliver the floor model if it was alright with me.  Oh Heck Yes, just bring it.  Delivery guys show up, tell me there are scratches on this one. OMG, just note it on the delivery sheet and install that sucker!  They take out the old frig, install the new frig, turn it on and that thing is cold like right now!  Yippy! 

  They test the water dispenser... no water...  ok, all three of us trouble shoot that, hookups are fine. I open the the door look in and point out that it has no water filter. They say the water dispenser won't work without the water filter. And they have to leave. Alrighty, I go back to HD, get credit for the scratches, get a water filter and the two missing shelves, and come home and install them myself. Still no water, which at this point I'm good with as the essentials are chilling nicely...

The manufacturer is sending a repair man in a week to fix the water dispenser.  I'm back on schedule for Dad's daily milkshake, my brother's inheritance has been spent, and the resupply of essentials is on going. We're good... 


  1. Good job BJ. Buying big appliances ranks just below buying a car with me.

  2. Below on my "ick List;" sorry pushed the wrong key and cut myself off.

  3. Mighty pretty cooling unit you have there, little lady. Your story reminds me of why I buy so much stuff online. Stores just don't offer very good service anymore.

    Like when we bought my last lawn tractor. Lowe's was going to charge a delivery fee. I asked how come appliances were delivered free, but my $1400.00 tractor was going to cost $60.00 to deliver. The salesman called his manager who would not take off the delivery fee. Fine - we're going to check out Home Depot and headed for our car. You would have laughed your a** off to see that salesman running across the lot to stop us after talking to his manager again.

    I will say (to be fair) usually Lowe's is pretty good with service. They just had a stupid manager in the home and garden section who got schooled on how to lose a customer. Don't mess with an ex-car salesman :-)

  4. B-girl,
    You're an OK guy, for a girl. This old submarine sailor chuckles at most of your posts. Thank you.

  5. Glad you stuck by your "guns" as customers need to demand better service!!

  6. That story required a strong western woman.
    Good job and thanks for the humor!
    It's always a pleasure showing up at your blog

  7. CELIA: Yeah, not my favorite thing either.

    ADRIENNE: I was happy with the way HD handled my purchase. The guys really did go beyond the norm to make it happen.

    GLENN 609B: Thank you, I will take that as a high compliment!

    TABOR: Oh there is plenty of stick around here...

    GRAYQUILL: So good to hear from you sir, and thank you for the kind words.

  8. Remind me to call one day and tell you about the problem that I had with Sears bending me over on a washer (similar to your experience with your refrigerator). And my unique response.

    HD is good.

  9. Talk about one tough ol broad. I would have been totally insane by the end of this saga. Good for you and glad Dad has his coffee shake. Ice coffee is my favorite afternoon treat.

  10. It seems like the purchase of much of anything these days requires some variant of what you had to endure here. Those that persevere are the ones that get what they need and survive. You passed the test.

  11. Huh, my experience with home despot has been just the opposite... Glad it worked out though! :-) And Lowes gives 10% discount to veterans ALL the time!!!

  12. That's the same fridge that's in my house!! It's a winner.

    Another day, another ordeal...

  13. Glad you got it and you are happy with it. Sometimes you have to shop around all over town to get a great deal.(-: Hope they get the ice maker working too. I guess you made sure the water was turned on? LOL (-:

  14. LL: LOL I will, can't wait to hear that one.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Grins!! I don't remember confessing to the insanity. Boy howdy is Dad work'n it about his coffee shakes...

    C W SWANSON: Stubborn as heck, might be another word for it...

    OLD NFO: We don't have a Lowes close, so I have minimal experience with them. I did ask HD if Dad could get the 10% military discount. Yes, but I had already gotten a 10% discount, and they couldn't double it, which I can understand. They were quick to say that he qualified for it on any purchases, other than those already discounted by 10% or more.

    JENNY: Good to know it's a winner. We are quite happy with it. Another day, another Adventure!

    CINDEE: For sure, lol! The shut off valve for the water was checked. Sounds like common sense, but you are on to ask. I know of that being the reason a time or two.

  15. Damn, if that don't sound like a typical day at the Woodsterman household.

  16. You did good. I got Dad a new dishwasher the last trip out. He won't let me put in air conditioning in his house, stating he did just fine in North Africa during WWII without it. sigh.

    The fridge looks love in there, and I see you've stocked it appropriately.


  17. I have a different take on Adrienne's comment above, when she suggests that the reason online shopping is taking off is that the brick and mortars are falling down on the job regarding customer service.

    Once you buy something online, you can forget any kind of customer service once your credit card has been run. If anything goes wrong, you can hang it up trying to get satisfaction, and you cannot yell at any human, nor throw a hissy fit until your needs are met. You are just screwed. Period.

    Same refrigerator scenario happened to me last year. Went online, got a killer price, then called Lowe's (much like HD), they matched the price, threw in free delivery, showed up in three hours with a perfect unit, took our old unit away for nothing, no fuss, no muss. We were happier than a pig in poo. And that's happy, trust me here.

    There is a place for online shopping, don't get me wrong. But if you want to buy something that has a high probability of needing service after the sale, better stick to brick and mortar.

  18. WOODSTERMAN: It is sure true here...

    BRIGID: There are things I'm cautious about changing in Dad's environment. Thankfully refrigerators is not one of them...

    FREDD: I do a great deal of purchasing online because of were I live. Prefer brick & mortar, not only for service, but the ease of returns & adjustments.
    By the way, I don't yell or throw hissy fits, it is against the code of conduct for ranch raised women.

  19. He would have done a lot better in N. Africa WITH air conditioning. Good A/C can kill a lot of Nazis. Anyhow a side-by-side is so much better than today's "French Door" thingies with the back-breaking bend-over lower freezer.