Sunday, July 5, 2015

Travel Log: part 2

Fish Camp, Wyoming

We were on the road bright and early each day, as we had many miles to cover in order to be at the family gathering in Dakota territory on time.
Either memory failed me or I had simply forgotten how utterly beautiful it is in that part of Wyoming.  Everything was green and all the creeks were running full. Damn, I should have taken a rod & reel. We stopped for a jogging (me, not Dad) break on the Madison, and watched a guy fishing with what looked like a PMD fly. 

 Madison River, Wyoming

 Was he catching any, Yep.  Was he a local, No. Newly retired, on vacation, fishing his way across Wyoming. Geez, I envied him that... From San Jose, Calif. I didn't envy him that...
Our next stop was the Museum of the West in Cody, WY.  It has expanded a great deal since the last time either of us was there. Well worth the time. 
(the LL special)

The firearms gallery was awesome, and I could have spent days in there studying and reading the histories...
Back on the road, the beauty of mother natures work is stunning.
 (to be continued)


  1. You are fortunate that I wasn't your driver. I would have stopped in Cody and bought a ranch or something... you'd never have made it to SD.

  2. LL: LOL.... It was discussed in some detail how to swing a small summer ranch up there. Beautiful, beautiful country.

  3. Great pics, and too bad you didn't get a chance to fish... :-)

  4. That part of the country is on my bucket list. How beautiful. Neat that you got to talk to the fisherman. Think he is fulfilling his bucket list.

  5. As you know, I love travelogues and this one is delightful. We, too, were dazzled by the beauty of those Wyoming and Montana rivers, especially the Madison and the Gallatin. Thanks for sharing!

  6. GRANNYMAR: It is truly beautiful.

    OLD NFO: Thank you. next time!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: I think he was doing just that and lov'n every minute of it! When you come West you better be planning on spending some time here.

    CHERI: I'm happy you, the world traveler, liked it. Thanks for stopping by, it is always good to hear from you!

  7. Came through your beautiful country yesterday on our way home from Portland. Hot though. Entered the congested Bay Area and wondered why the heck I am still here.

    We are planning a road trip through part of Atlantic Canada in late August/early September. Have been to Nova Scotia but this time will rent a car in Boston, drive up thru Maine and into New Brunswick and then Prince Edward Island.

    I should have plenty to blog about although very similar countryside throughout.

    Wanted to go to Newfoundland but the ferry takes 6 hours. Don't have that kind of time.

  8. CHERI: Well dang, I wish you could have stopped on your way through.
    Your late summer trip sounds like a great adventure. Can't wait to read about it.

    WOODSTERMAN: Yep, wished I had more time to spend there, beautiful this time of year.