Friday, July 17, 2015

The daily average...

Took Marymine's & granddaughter Ali's GPSs back to them Thursday. I kinda look for any reason to touch base with my kids & grands.  Ali was at work, so I didn't get to see her. She is working as a pest fieldman during summer break from college.

Ali & Lauren at a Giants game
Lauren was home, on the mend from a nasty bug she got flying home from USA volleyball camp in Michigan.

She's all better now, but it was a really crappy few days for her, and Marymine.

 By way of thanks for letting me borrow the GPSs for Dad's trip, I got the girls a big travel bag.  They fly around the country a lot, and like plain ol country western stuff...

Go Forward with Courage be Wild and Free

 While I was there I got to go for a ride in Marymine's second New pickup.  She called me when she got the first New one a month ago. First truly New vehicle she has ever had. It had everything she wanted, in the color she wanted, leather seats, crew cab, etc.  When I called her a week later to check in, she was not a happy camper.  She had taken it back to the dealer to get the leather seats treated.  They called her the next day, there was a little problem, they had wrecked her pickup driving it from one service building to another.  They would just put it in their shop and fix it.  And then the fight began! Suffice it to say, she pretty much went through a lot getting them to either give her another new pickup, or refund her money.  They finally decided that they would refund her money.  She went to another dealer, and found an even better deal on her second New pickup.  It is very cool, and she loves it. So all is well there.
Boy have pickups changed since the last one I bought. All those bells & whistles and the price!  

2015 Silverado 2500HD High Country
Of course, we had to test out all those bells & whistles. I voted the in-seat vibrator warning system most interesting, and it was the cause of no small amount of laughter.


  1. I hope that she bought a Raptor.

  2. Darling ladies. The truck sounds pretty dang neat, but agree about the prices now.

  3. Sounds like 'fun' was had... And I don't want to know how you 'tested' the seat buzzer... :-)

  4. Visiting from Patti's blog and notice that you live in N CA - an area my husband and I love to visit. Your poor granddaughter (who is beautiful, by the way) - I'm glad she's fully recovered. All vehicles have so many bells and whistles now - my van nearly drives itself!

  5. Good for her making them refund her money. So glad your grand-girl is better.

  6. Thank goodness your granddaughter has recovered. It must have been a beast of a bug.
    I had the same thing happen to my pickup at the dealers only mine was older and I had just had it painted the week before.
    Vibrating seats??? That would get your attention.

  7. Good for her. Can't believe they wouldn't give her a new truck but glad she ended up with a better deal.

  8. LL: Nope, she got a 2015 Silverado 2500HD.

    ADRIENNE: Thanks, they are awesome! I was floored when I found out what the new pickups cost.

    OLD NFO: It was fun, and I have already been sworn to secrecy by the girls...

    BARB: Howdy, thank you for stopping by. Wow, I can't remember the last time someone besides us natives appreciated the natural beauty of N Calif! Loved your pics, by the way.

    CELIA: It got pretty bad, before it got better. They really were trying to pull one over on her. She is smart & tough enough to stand her ground.
    I'm in awe of my grand girls, they are going to be a force when they are older. HEE YAW!

    ARKANSAS PATTY: Lauren is not a complainer and to be so sick (nothing contagious) flying, and having an unplanned lay over in Dallas was terrible.
    You should go to a dealer and ride in one, for the experience!

    GRANNY ANNIE: Sooo happy to hear from you. You are on the mend, Yippy! I have missed you, Oklahoma!!!

  9. Diesel in the Silverado?
    All the bells and whistles make traveling in a modern pick-up so much better than just a few years ago.
    But the prices, oooh.

  10. JON SPENCER: Gas. She got the light tan color, so the dirt doesn't show quite so much! She lives in the country, with some pretty bad roads and it rides like a dream.

  11. Yes, the new trucks have come along ways, even since I leased a brand, new 1999 Ford F-150 4X4. I thought that truck had everything.

    I just bought a late-model Ford F150 F4 4X4, and I could not believe all the doodads, jew jaws, whatchamabobs and doohickeys this unit has on it: air conditioned and heated leather seats! What? And the electronics readouts, in color, back up camera (also in color), electric back sliding windows, electric moon roof, I could go on for hours and hours.

    Makes my old 1999 Ford look like a complete piece o' shit.

  12. FREDD: Yep, the important thing is does it have the V in-seat warning system?...

  13. I don't know. It seems to have everything else.