Friday, July 3, 2015

Travel log: first three days

Dad and I are back home after the 3133 mile road trip.  We saw a lot of this beautiful country and bunches of FAMILY and friends.  It was a good journey.  
I took a few pics, so will share some of them. Starting out in N Calif. with the old barn just below the border into Oregon. (see above)
raking hay in Oregon's outback

Abert Rim in Oregon's Outback
 Abert Rim is an amazing place, and I'm sorry my pic doesn't begin to do it justice.  It has a rugged beauty all it's own, and I was happy to see it again. Wikipedia: Abert Rim in Lake County, Oregon is one of the highest fault scarps in the United States. It rises 2,490 feet (760 m) above the valley floor, finishing with a 820-foot (250 m) sheer-sided basalt cap. It was formed during the Miocene epoch.

On to Idaho to put mom to rest.  I put her ashes in a bright pink Victoria Secret bag, she would have gotten a kick out of that, I think.  Dad & Buzz thought so, too.

Dad, Buzz, and I at mom's grave

After a too short gathering with my brother's crew, it was onward across Idaho...

the Friar Mtns of Idaho

 They aren't really called the Friar Mtns but they reminded me of Friar Tuck, with their rings of black rocks like hair and bald tops, so that's what I call them.
(to be continued)


  1. Now that I have returned from an almost three month sabbatical, I realize how far behind I am.. Good place to start with you and our long journey with your pop. How long has your mom been gone? Did I know this? I hope I sent my condolences. I know you all were wonderful care givers for her. It will be good now to say on the surface.

  2. Good pics, and one heck of a road trip!

  3. I realize this was an important trip for the both of you. It sounds as though it was fulfilling. That country is truly beautiful.

  4. Now that you're back, have a splendid Independence Day!

  5. That was one long journey. Glad you enjoyed it.