Friday, January 31, 2014

Cow Dogs and Drivers...


Above is video of Birdie lot #14 working outside Thursday at Red Bluff.  I had planned to go watch the dogs work that day, talk shop with a couple of friends that have bulls in the sale, and check out the geldings.  I did make it out there Friday, and caught up with some old friends, watched the dogs work, checked out the latest in equipment, and drooled over some beautiful saddle blankets.
Thursday my Dad wanted to hit a couple buckets of balls on the driving range, as well as pickup a new to me driver. So that is where I landed Thursday.  I'm a lefty, so to have one of Dad's cronies give me a relatively new lefty driver was great.  Whoa, what a difference.  Dad kept saying my old driver was older than he and not worth throwing in the lake.  I agreed, but couldn't see spending mega bucks for a new one, and gently refused his offer to buy me one.  I don't know how he wrangled getting it for free, but it is a bute. Now if I keep my head in the game, and get some cleats for my boots, I just might make the ol duffer proud...
Today we were going to shoot clays, it wasn't written in stone though, and one of the other shooters couldn't make it.

 (Shooting clays is way more fun than it probably should be.)  I had been up since 4AM and was seriously dragging butt, so Dad and I decided to reschedule for next week.
My time with Dad is precious, we only have mornings during the week to get out and do things together, as that is when we have a caregiver to stay with mom.


  1. Wonderful to hear about your time with your Dad, it is so precious1

  2. My dad and I were in the business world and we would talk on the phone at 5:00 AM most days. Once in a while it got on my nerves because he would call so early, yet we always shared concerns for the upcoming day and ended up laughing. What I wouldn't give now for those morning wake-up calls.

  3. CELIA: It is, I'm very aware that time with him is limited.

    GRANNY ANNIE: You and I are lucky Because we have had those moments.

  4. Good times, and hit (and shoot) em straight!!!

  5. OLD NFO: Yep, and I'm trying. Hope your back is feeling better!

  6. Hope you take a pic of the boots with cleats. Golf is a humbling game where one good hole erases a day of living in the rough. I never mastered it.
    Sharing time with a dad is priceless.

  7. Love watching those Border Collies work. The rancher where we live, Jim, has a reddish one with gold orbs.
    Dinah and he always eye each other when I walk up the road. He, in the back of Jim's pickup, and Dinah at the end of my leash.

    As for golf, I took it up three ago, so I could spend more time with my husband. I am not a natural athlete, so my progress has been slow, but I must admit that I love the environment and the game, despite its challenges.
    Have fun,lefty!

  8. ARKANSAS PATTI: I've seen boots like that, and will take pics! Master golf, what is that???

    CHERI BLOCK: I'm glad Dinah has cool friends. Loved my Max the BorderxMcNabb. I play golf to be outside, and walking, and to keep Dad moving, as well as liking the personal challenge.

  9. I didn't know that golf clubs aged to the point where they were no longer serviceable. Since I'm not a golfer, I may not appreciate finer points of the game.

  10. LL: LOL obviously neither did I! I'm not qualified to be considered a golfer, I just like being outside and whacking those damn little balls...

  11. Have you considered shooting balls in mid-flight with your shotgun? I recall something like that an old TV program. Your father might not appreciate it, but then again, he might.

    I was at a bachelor party on the Colorado River a few years ago and we all had to golf. Since I don't golf I got a bucket of range balls, a putter, driver and #6 and went to the Marshall and asked him, "Where's the first hole and what's the course record."

    Because the course stretched along the river, I spent my whole bucket of range balls ineffectively trying to hit passing boats.

    All in all, it was a fun golf outing. After I emptied the bucket of balls, I harvested balls that people "playing through" hit near me and fired them off at boats. They didn't like it but I was armed and they weren't. So much for that.

  12. LL: Great idea, and Dad would be all in!
    Your Colorado trip sounds like fun, and my kind of "golf".

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