Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ol Bessie ...

It's been 20 years since I got ol Bessie the SUV.  She has been a lot of places and carried a lot of things... from grand kids and dogs to hay bales, calves to camping gear, scarecrows to furniture, lawn mowers to shot guns, saddles to high heels, and wattles to waders.  She never has carried a goat.  
She has on board enough stuff to stay back of beyond for a week, and a secret cubbie or two.
She has worn her American flag and Navy Corpsman's Granny stickers with pride. 
We have shared a few dings and scars along the road.  Both of our headliners are starting to sag.  She likes an extra shot of oil on occasion, but she doesn't smoke, and has never quit on me. 
I just figured we would go on together, two ol gals facing into the wind, with a ribbon of open road ahead of us. But change is the only constant.  
Unbeknownst to me Santa (Dad) got me a new ride. He said it was well deserved.  I'm not to sure about that.  I picked it up the other day.  It's shiny, has lots of bells and whistles, and hauls ass. I haven't known it long enough to name.

I can't afford two vehicles, so ol Bessie will continue her journey with someone else.  Hopefully, someone who will be kind to a spirited ol gal, likes the windows rolled down, and to sing along with Waylon and Willie.  



  1. Some car your dad got you. As we say, in these parts, health to drive!

    And hope Bessie finds a kind owner.

  2. Wow, you are styling now. Sometimes change is good. And reliable transportation with a few bells and whistles when facing the new year is -- exciting.

  3. Change is important and essential. Go with the flow. Do not be amazed that you will use only 10% of the bells and whistles.

  4. Godspeed to Bessie, and happy trails to you and your new reliable auto. Good to have someone looking out for you.

  5. Congratulations on your spectacular new vehicle. I am gonna have me one of them thar purty ones too some day. Meanwhile I will always keep Ron's old 79 Ford 150 truck to drink my coffee in.

  6. Between red shoes and a new fancy wagon, I will need to keep a beady eye on you, my girl!

    May the road go with you! Safe driving.

  7. You sound like me. When ever I finally do trade in a car, I make the salesmen PROMISE to find the rejectee a "good home".
    Enjoy your new ride.

  8. Enjoy, but never forget Bessie...

  9. NELLY: I'm still in a state of amazement...

    LL: Thanks, never been styling before, but if you say it's so it must be true!

    TABOR: Oh the adventure in me will use most of them accidentally if not intention!

    GRANNY ANNIE: Thank you. I know I'm going to cry when Bessie leaves...

    GRANNYMAR: LOL, love that your keeping a beady eye on me. Hugs.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Just so!

    OLD NFO: Not possible to forget her, we have history!

  10. I do not know which I enjoy the most - The pictures worth a thousand word or the beautiful pictures you paint with your words. Thanks for both.

    I borrowed “I am mad as hell” from one of your posts on your profile. I emailed it to a friend, and gave you credit.

  11. Looking forward to learning the new name.

  12. RICHARD HENSLEY: Thank You! Always nice to hear. I am still "Mad as Hell" as that is so wrong on so many levels.