Saturday, January 25, 2014

One More Time...

I'm not the jealous sort, really I'm not, it has always seemed like such a waste of energy to me.  
Damn Straight I'm not one bit envious of LL that he got to do this....
 but, if you happen to see an ol wild blue eyed granny with her wranglers on fire...well...


  1. I am not too familiar with American music, but a couple of Eagles songs are quite pleasant to listen to.

  2. I've called that song my life theme a lot of times where I managed to again take it to the limit-- one more time. Not sure I can do it anymore but I sure had the philosophy a lot of times in my life especially in my 50s ;)

  3. Huge Eagles fan here. They are part of my travel music.

  4. GRANNY ANNIE: There is still time...

    MUNIR: Welcome, lots of Eagles memories here.

    RAIN: Sometimes it has been the only way to get to where we needed to be. Are you back in Oregon?

    OLD NFO: Yep!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Has been a part of my travel music as well.