Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wild Women, Helicopters, and Bull...

Ok, so it was the afternoon from hell. I'm not going to elaborate, but it was.
On to brighter things... all the kids are fine.  The corpsman will be back state side sooner than later, Yes!  
All the sister-in-laws and their daughters (including Marymine and I) are planning a trip to Vegas.  I don't care about going to LV.  I do want to see the rest of the wild women. Not that any of them are She-rahs or any thing.

    Besides, you know if you don't go you are going to be talked about, and you will miss out on all the hugging.

Breakfast once a week with friends at our little airport has become a regular thing. The food is good and a fair number of private jets fly in.   One of the cute little guys: 

   No idea who it belongs to, just that five young reflective belt type guys got off... and the bird was gone.
Then there was a homemade speedy little experimental:

No helicopters this time.  I'll have to see if I can talk the BIL into hooking me up with a PJ's helicopter ride.  One of the great things about living here is PJ's always seem to have helos flying.

And The Bull Sale is just around the corner. With lots of horses, stock dogs, and bulls.
 What more could one want than wild women friends, helicopters and bull...


  1. That is a lot of testosterone.

  2. Better polish up those Red shoes!

  3. LOL, sounds like fun is being had! :-) And airplanes!!! :-D

  4. That little jet is a Cessna Citation. I'm actually qualified to fly that model as Pilot in Command. They're fairly slow as far as jets go (air traffic control once asked me to descend in one, and when I asked why he said "there are people behind you and you're sort of a speed bump out there") and in turbulence, with the long straight wing it's like being in a paint shaker, but you can land them at short unimproved airports around the globe that the other small jets would be afraid of.

  5. GRANNY ANNIE: LOL I hadn't thought of it that way...

    GRANNYMAR: There should be some red shoes in your future.

    OLD NFO: Yep, looking to have a Good Time.

    BRIGID: Thanks for the info, I'm sure your the bomb.

  6. Hmmm...a cattle auction? There one will find an interesting sea of humanity. Way to much fun!

  7. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…except social diseases.

  8. GRAYQUILL: The people are as varied and interesting as the bull shipping...

    LL: LOL, I would not know this!

  9. Brighid - if you go to Chip and Dale's Male review as part of your girl's away party, don't go home with or even out to the parking lot with any of the exotic dancers. (word to the wise)