Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Glimpses of Granny...

Going to the mountains in the summer with my granny is behind a great many of my happiest memories.  She was an excellent seamstress, a Scrabble champ, crossword queen, bridge player, a lover of books, and a teacher by heart and profession.  The only one who had the patience to bestow some of her knowledge on a little girl with wild blonde pig tails, dreams of horses, and a propensity for taking risks. 

We were an odd mix, she and I, who rubbed along very well. I don't remember her ever swearing, or yelling.  
She, of the good manners, proper English, gardening, world travel, Shakespeare, and the Giants. Me, of riding any horse I could catch, digging up her flower beds in search of perfect night crawlers for trout fishing, and stripping naked to swim with the water snakes and trout in the big granite pools of that high mountain stream.
Her, maker of beautifully tailored suits and coats, and I of finding a way to match the hatch. 
Her, setting on the cabin's deck, snapping beans while reading a classic to a little blonde girl curled up in a wicker chair, with the sun's warming cover, til sleep overcame even the best of tales. 


  1. Well, now I know how to be a good grannie.

  2. Wonderful memories, wonderful granny.

  3. Your granny sounds like a wonderful person and a perfect template to follow!

  4. She must have been a beauty.

  5. Love that cabin.
    What a special lady you were so lucky to share time with. Your differences complimented each other.

  6. She set and example -- and created a very cool clone.

  7. I'm betting she was a piece of work, and the acorn (you) didn't fall far from that particular tree! :-)

  8. I called her my Grandmother. She too was well spoken and filled with stories and lessons of life. She spoke eloquently and never had a hair out of place. This acorn fell far, far from the tree. I guess I could try to change now but it would frighten my grandchildren this late in the game.

  9. TABOR: Yes ma'am!

    CELIA: Thanks, they are wonderful.

    GRANNYMAR: Yes indeed.

    NELLY: She had a beautiful soul.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: That is not her cabin, but close to. I miss her wisdom.

    LL: She had high standards, and I've yet to meet anyone to match her.

    OLD NFO: She was extraordinary, can't say that about this fallen acorn.

    GRANNY ANNIE: LOL, Yep, your words hold true for me as well.