Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blood stains & lipstick...

Call me old fashioned but what is it with men dressing like vagrants?  I've starched and pressed more shirts and wranglers than I can remember, but never minded because I liked the look. George Strait is a good example...sigh   

Now, most older men seem to think casual means shirts with the sleeves cut off, wife beaters, ratty T shirts, loud Hawaiian prints and weird pants that look like they came from an obama factory.

My point of view could be skewed by the fact that my dad was always neatly dressed.  Didn't matter whether he was deep in the belly of a harvester or hunting elk in the back of beyond.  The Cowman's dad and the Cowman were the same way, as were the majority of their friends.  Maybe it is unique to the cattle business.

I used to special order the Cowman's shirts (with a small, discreet monogram) from a shirt company.  Not that we had money to burn, but their shirts were in the long run well worth the money.  Plus, I laundered them instead of sending them out, so they lasted.  
I wrote the shirt company a note once...

Dear Sir:
I have waited way too long to write this note.  Thank You, for making a great shirt.  My husband is a cowman, and as such his shirts take a real stomping (usually with him in them).  They've been singed by branding irons, stained with blood, mud, recycled grass, grease, and lipstick(mine only).  Your great shirts just keep coming back for more, and have been around longer than his best dog. So, I'm here to order more and thank you again for making a truly affordable and durable shirt.
Sincerely, the Cowman's wife

Back came a nice note, and a voucher for two shirts!


  1. that picture got a sigh out of me as well. :) hereby voting for more posts filed under the "wrangler butts" category...
    Nothing better than a sharp looking cowboy!

  2. JENNY: A somewhat difficult task you have set for me, but I will gladly suffer(sigh) to please...

  3. I hate to call it, "breeding", but that was the term, no matter how arcane it is today. I don't own a wife beater t-shirt and don't think that I ever did. Then again, I'm old and don't have tattoos either. When I was in the navy, officers didn't have tattoos. It was the domain of the enlisted men. Now women are illustrated the same as old China sailors used to be.

    Don't get me wrong, I have seen some beautiful ink. Usually on Japanese women, because it really is high art.

    Biker ink is another matter all together. And in my mind it goes with wife beater t-shirts, the stale smell of old sweat and dirty feet, failure to employ dental hygiene and so forth.

    Sorry for the rant in your blog. It's morning here on the other side of the planet. Going for a walk.

  4. What's wrong with Hawaiian shirts??? :-)

    And concur, but 'some' of us old farts still understand that appearances matter! :-P

  5. Brighid, I am with you on a fresh pressed look.

    The modern nine month beer gut covered in well faded t-shirt and oversized shorts down to knee level that all look like they have been slept in for a week, does nothing for me.

  6. I was born in a pair of Levi's. It's in my jeans.

  7. Two shirts was nice but that letter should have gotten you a lifetime supply. It would have made a great ad.

  8. LL: I agree, so rant away. Personally tats don't appeal to me. Safe journey.

    OLD NFO: LOL... The cowman bought himself one, wore it all day fishing, came home took it off, had gotten sunburned in a large hibiscus pattern all over upper body... never bought another.

    GRANNYMAR: It is off putting for sure.

    EURIPIDIES: Wranglers, have faster zippers and better jeans...

    ARKANSAS PATTI: That's sweet of you to say, Thanks.

  9. faster zippers!! that right there is a fascinating bit of information.

  10. There isn't anything faster than a button fly, and nothing accidentally gets caught.

  11. JENNY: Yep, best kept to ones self maybe...

    EURIPIDIES: The eternal debate! But you got me to wondering and I found some interesting info:

  12. Well, that article works, until we realize the divide between Texas jeans-wearers and Arizona jeans-wearers.

  13. New Mexico??
    Oh, you mean the philosophical divide!
    Which --ahem-- naturally solves the debate entirely, as it's now a matter of Right vs. Wrong. :)

    [also, I'm pretty sure that there's a joke to be made about how everything's bigger in Texas, so zippers can't be that dangerous... but I'm trying to be gracious like Brighid, so I don't make jokes like that.] ;)

  14. Jenny is right. Size matters.

  15. EURIPIDIES: You of course may wear what ever you wish. For myself there is nothing finer than Wranglers.

    JENNY: hmmm bigger in Texas, I think this calls for an indepth study. Could you write a grant so we could verify that premise.

    LL: LOL Damn Straight! There is a lot to be said for technique as well.

  16. The way I see it, this is a multi-dimensional study. I'm especially curious about this zipper speed aspect that you mention. And E says nothing's faster than a button fly? I would not have guessed that, but he must know what he's talking about. ALL of this begs for scientific data. Entirely too much vague conversation going on here. I'll look into securing some investors.

  17. Jenny- I think that you and B. are in luck. The supply of study participants represents an inexhaustible pool of varying degrees of talent.

  18. Guilty ... I wear T-Shirts most of the time. I do have many western shirts, Mrs. Woodsterman has made for me, I wear on special occasions. T-Shirts just go better with saw dust, glue, and lacquer.

  19. Ah yes my man George always looks so nice. I do like a man looking like that for sure.
    I hate the sloppy hanging pants on guys. It looks so tacky. Same with women. I guess we are from a different era for sure. Those days seem long gone. I think I am the only one I know that still irons my husbands clothes and my son who still lives at home with us. I can't stand to see someone going out the door un-ironed. My daughter never irons. I don't get that. She wasn't raised that way but has chosen that path to take. I just feel it doesn't look professional to be all wrinkled and un-tucked. Oh well that's my rant for the morning(-: Hope all is well with you(-:

  20. JENNY: Secure away!

    LL: Talent! that's what we need...

    ODIE: Your excused because of the wonderful wooden things you make.

    CINDIE: Yes, we seem to be throwbacks to a bygone time, don't we. Good to hear from you, I'm back in RB. PS: Kent's has the best country bacon on the planet, aren't they close to you?

  21. My mom used to starch my dad's jeans and hang them on the line with wire things in them to crease them and keep them straight.

    I sold a vintage Montgomery Ward cowboy shirt on ebay once for $175. It was in perfect condition.

  22. GRANNY ANNIE: I used those for years, still had some til the last move. Lehman's still carries them.

  23. Happy Birthday Brighid.

  24. LL: Thank You Sir. It's been an interesting ride. I hope the big guy has a few more go rounds in store for the ol gal.