Monday, August 25, 2014

Water hazzard...

How hard can it be... Five times I have gone fishing with Dad, and I forget to say the "please God let Dad catch a damn fish" prayer before we get started. Maybe I should leave out the damn part.
C had returned from new squirrel vetting in DC and a vacation with the wife, so he came along. Turns out he is a great deal more into first class accommodations than we can provide.
We launched and I was driving down river when the motor started sounding strange, and then died, dead.  While C was tinkering with the motor, with Dad giving directions, the viking was paddling for a gravel riffle near shore against a 6 mph current.
A blown fuse, which was replaced with the emergency fuse, which promptly blew. Short somewhere! C decides he will walk out to a road, call a friend for a ride back to the boat dock and send someone to get us.
I get Dad situated and as shaded as possible, while holding the boat in place. A couple of hours of standing in knee deep cold water was doable.  I spent the time listening to Dad's tales, and turning over rocks to see what creatures there were, found my first leach, some hellgrammites, and assorted other creatures I did not know. Watched salmon jump and a falcon hunt across the river from us. He was amazing to watch, but having no luck either.
A guide boat came by and said to call the sheriff's dept, and they would send someone to tow us back up river to the dock. Hello, why didn't we think to do that. I got on my cell and called the sheriff's dept. and a short time later the Sgt shows up with their boat, and tows us back to the dock.  The Sgt was great, as it was not an easy thing to keep his boat in position and to get the tow line tied off from our boat in that current.  
Against Dad's directive, I had untied the anchor from the line before hand. It would not have been nice to put a ding in the sheriff's boat or the Sgt. by throwing the line with the 20# anchor still attached.
C had caught a ride with friends, and met us at the dock.  We put ol ugly back on the trailer and headed home. Ol ugly is now resting comfortably in the boat hospital getting a complete overhaul.
As for C, he does not appear anxious to go with us next time, geez, where is his sense of adventure... 


  1. You need to name your boat SS Minnow... ;^)

  2. You did get word to C that you were leaving didn't you? I was a bit worried.

  3. So glad you got home safely. It sounds like quite the adventure anyhow.(-: I am sure your Dad had a good time just getting out(-: Fish can be caught on another trip.

  4. Fish... Somewhere... Just NOT where y'all are... :-) Another adventure though!

  5. The song keeps going through my head...

    Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started from this boat landing
    Aboard this tiny bass boat.

    The mate was a mighty sailing viking woman,
    The skipper brave and sure.
    one passenger set sail that day
    For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

    The water started getting rough,
    The tiny boat was tossed,
    If not for the courage of the fearless crew
    The Minnow would be lost, the minnow would be lost.

  6. Should have saved the leech and given it to C. A hard won prize of the first class variety. I think it'd have renewed his sense of adventure.

  7. Well you can't say it wasn't a memorable trip and isn't that what we seek? Fish are soon forgotten, but this trip will make many a retelling. Made for a good post.

  8. LL: LOL Ol Ugly fits the whole package crew & boat! Great little ditty!!

    GRANNY ANNIE: No worries, he called me every two seconds...

    CINDIE: He was a bit disappointed, we will keep trying for sure!

    OLD NFO: I wish, there were salmon jumping all around us though!!!

    JENNY: He's a Southern suit, but really good with dad.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: They have all been memorable to this

  9. Going out with my son soon for steelhead. With luck those stall outs can be a peaceful if enforced time out, some not so much. I agree with Jenny about C. and the leech ;-)

  10. Dad didn't drift anything in the current during those two hours? How the hell's going to catch anything?

  11. CELIA: Are you going on the Columbia? My BIL & SIL have been catching the heck out of them. Best of Luck!

    ODIE: Let's just say I left out a bunch of stuff that worked against him being able to do that.

  12. Ya gotta watch out for them helgrammites! They are absolutely vicious critters. You pick up a rock, and then, VOOOOM! That's the end of you.

    Or maybe not.

    Oh, and did you and LL know that the Gilligan's Island incidental music was written by the great composer John Williams? That's your tidbit o' trivia for the day.

  13. EURIPIDES: Now you tell me! I tried to find caddisfly larvae, no luck.
    Ah interesting tidbit, indeed. The Mission is a favorite, John Williams.

  14. That explains why the song was so addicting and why I still recall it.

  15. Dad may be better off soaking a hook from shore. I realize that it's terribly pedestrian to suggest that, but I am suggesting it all the same.

  16. Must. Catch. More. Fish. Is what I tell myself. And I need a new boat...

  17. LL: I have suggested that and the answer was a resounding, no! His mind is as sharp as can be, but his legs are giving out on him.

    LSP: Padre possibly we would all do better if you lead the fishing prayer, I use my car rosary and damn too much in mine!

  18. My fishing prayer involves Latin. .

    Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem!

  19. There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. I'm sure that's the thought that keeps going through Dad's mind.

  20. Brigid: ah, can you translate, cause that went way over my head...

    LL: LOL, You're most likely right.

  21. Remember, the Devil hates Latin... will pray for your fishing endeavour (& mine...)