Thursday, August 7, 2014

TBT: Granny...

Way back... My Granny H at 12 in Dakota territory.

She was the best granny! A wonderful school teacher, she started out teaching in a small one room school house, and lived with the families of her students.  An awesome seamstress, she made beautiful tailored wool coats for all of us grandkids, and flannel jammies. A good cook, the Cowman loved her cow tongue sandwiches, I loved her pickles, my kids loved stopping by her little house for her homemade ice cream.  As a Scrabble player, she was tough to beat. An avid SF Giants fan. A voracious reader, she instilled a love of books. She got Shakespeare, and made girls night at the SF opera happen. Though never much for riding, she dang sure had try... 

Granny on Grampa's Elk hunting pack mule
She would have a fit and then laugh, if she was still around to know I put that last pic up.
Miss my rock solid gran...


  1. I love the top photo. Family, social and fashion history.

  2. Respect to your wonderful granny.

  3. She grew up doing what needed done... And lived with that ethic her whole life it sounds like...

  4. May her memory be a blessing!
    We miss these wonderful people who were an instrumental part of our lives.

    As my dad said before he died, " Don't grieve, Cheri. You are about 25 years behind me so live it up."

    I took that advice to heart.

    I'm sure, from what you have gingerly written here, that your granny would have given the same advice.

  5. GRANNYMAR: One of my favorites.

    LL: Truth

    NELLY: Thank you.

    OLD NFO: Yes, and she traveled the world over as well.

    CHERI: As you said, I believe she would have given that advice as well. She was always a well read, traveled lady. Spent a great deal of time with her as little girl, and was blessed to have her around for a good long time.


  6. Sounds like she was very strong and an inspiration in all ways!
    (...except for maybe the cow tongue part...) :)

  7. I kind of cringed at the cow tongue also but my, what a woman. You have great genes.

  8. JENNY: She was! I couldn't eat the cow tongue, yuk!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: LOL, sounds terrible doesn't it, but the Cowman really liked it. Thanks, I hope I got at least a smidgen of her grit. The lady part seems to have skipped me...

  9. I can't eat any part that I personally classify as "guts". Tongue is on that list. I'm with you.

  10. LL: I have a don't eat "gut" list too, tongue and brains are on it.

  11. You own grandkids are going to remember you as you remember that good woman. I loved both photos.

  12. BRIGID: I would be honored if that were so. Thanks.