Sunday, August 3, 2014

I got a plan...

I found the quote I was looking for and it fits this ol cowgirl just fine...

"There are friends who
will offer advice
and wisdom.
Then there are
who come
blasting through
your door with
whiskey, weapons,
a shovel, and a plan!"


  1. There's the ticket! That's the best, for sure!

  2. A plan, wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Does it have to do with a new set of boots?

  4. Hmmm. Drink the whiskey, load up a couple of mags, dig under and into the shop with the shovel and GET THE BOOTS.

  5. Some boots, love them, love a plan too.

  6. JENNY: Thanks, I think so too.

    GRANNYMAR: Are you sure, accessory and all that...

    LL: They are beauties aren't they.

    LSP: Padre! I was thinking of purchasing the boots, and using the other things to celebrate. See you at confession.

    CELIA: They are awful pretty, and impractical, but an ol girl can't have too many boots can she!

  7. I so give thanks for all the "cowgirls" that have been in my life, starting with my college roommate who would not tolerate any pity parties. I lost a boyfriend and locked myself in my room but she kicked in the door and drug me to a party.

  8. Those certainly aren't sh*t kickers are they?
    Perhaps though,it might be time for real sh*t kickers.
    Interested to hear the "plan".

  9. I'll vote for the cowgirl every time!

  10. Beware, Brighid. With Odie, it's either "cowgirl or reverse cowgirl"... ;^)

  11. A plan??? I thought y'all did it on the fly... ;-D

  12. I was raised up living in an old Arizona rancher's town. It's been a long time since I was there, but it's nice to see cowgirl philosophy hasn't changed.

  13. GRANNY ANNIE: I'm glad she was there for you!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Got enough shit kickers, I'm look'n for some classy boots.

    ODIE: That is so nice & smart of you!

    LL: LOL are you trying to tell me something?

    OLD NFO: No siree bob, only on the fly when we have to go to plan B.

    EURIPIDIES: Its one of those timeless things!

  14. I've got the whiskey, working on a plan.