Friday, August 1, 2014

Just dirt...

Just an old map of a piece of dirt, I haven't been back to for a long time. There are too many memories there.  I can't even fly over it without tears. The legal papers say it belongs to others, but they didn't raise their babies there. They have never ridden or walked every square inch of it.
Those that knew how the fields came by their names are long gone. Some are easy to figure:

 windmill has a big windmill, school house had a small one room school house, Harrimans owned the little piece next door til the Captain bought it.  Lower Elder was always known as Red Door, as there was an ol line shack with a red door.  Mattea dates from the original land grant, I believe. 
In a lot of ways I was raised on that piece of dirt. I have never believed you could truly own a piece of ground.  No one told me it could own me.


  1. Is any part of it for sale?

    I saw a painting in an art gallery in South Coast Plaza and it grabbed me immediately. Just sage brush, mountains and a little girl near an old home. Nothing more. Original oil.

    The painting took me home in a very real and emotional sense and I bought it. It's not a remarkable painting. The artwork is good, but not spectacular.

    I found out later that the artist who painted it lived about 15 miles from my home.

    I don't go home. There isn't anyone there who made it home. All dead long since. A lot of the people who live there think that I'm a "soulless death merchant" because of some of my professional choices. But in my heart, it's always home.

    And it calls to me.

    I feel you Brighid.

  2. "I have never believed you could truly own a piece of ground. No one told me it could own me."

    Very well said. And beautiful pictures. You're fortunate to have a part of your identity tied to some place so wholesome and lovely, even if you no longer own it. It's far better to know every inch of that dirt than every inch of Dallas suburbia.
    The X still has land in the middle of nowhere that's been in his family for 7 generations, and I've always, always envied his tie to it. (But I think because he still legally owns it, he has not realized the latter part of what you said.)

  3. LL: I knew in my soul that you above all would understand.

  4. JENNY: I hope your children get to know that piece of ground. We all need that even if only a patch of suburbia.

  5. You own the memory of every step you took on that land and NOBODY can take that away!

  6. Yep, that land can and DOES own one...

  7. I rather envy your ties and history with a piece of dirt. We moved so much when I grew up that there are many pieces of dirt,all with very little pull.
    Anyway you could buy back a portion?

  8. GRANNYMAR: That is true, thank you for reminding me.

    OLD NFO: I'm thankful for the time there and realize how lucky I was, which somehow makes it harder.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: We moved a lot when my kids were growing up, always seemed to circle back and carry a piece of that place in our hearts. No way to buy a memory!

  9. My family sold their farm. Grrrr.

  10. LSP: I'm truly sorry for your loss.