Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dancing fool...

It's that Red Bluff Round Up time of year again, Yee Haw! 
We don't have a Skeeter Bill's but we do have a Round Up Dance, so I'm thinking this could be fun. Dang, I hope the odds are a bit better than four to one.
Being on the walking wounded list from my last go round with those damn junipers along the new fence line, is not going to stop the dancing.  Yep, I know that it's my own darn fault that my leg was cut up. I should have been wearing my boots & jeans instead of cropped leggings and flip flops when I decided to grab my lineman pliers and tighten one more little section of fence. 
I will try to be circumspect as befits my quiet nature and not do any table dancing, but there are no guarantees in cowcamp or life... 


  1. Those are wicked odds and hope yours are reversed but even with those pitiful ones, you should shine. You go girl.

  2. Have fun and don't break anything! :-0

  3. Have fun! "Dancing Fool" puts me in mind of a song...

  4. check your quiet nature at the door and show 'em how a berserker dances! it's either fun or it's futile, baby. :)

  5. Have a wild old time and I also hope the odds are better than the sign.

  6. You sound like the "weekend lumberjacks" that come up here from Reno for firewood. They'll go out to a cutting area in their shorts and tennis shoes. Their saws are so dull you'll see them going back and forth as if they're cutting a 2x4 with a crosscut hand saw.

  7. LL: Well heck, why didn't I think of that. Could'a added to the cabin in the back of beyond fund. LOL

    ARKANSAS PATTI: I never got to test the odds, as something came up. Next time!

    OLD NFO: I have 60+ years of cowgirl dancing and no broken bones yet.

    LSP: Yep, you know it, too!

    TABOR: Thanks, I will test the odds next dance. I wondered about the sign with only 4 out of the 19 women!

    WOODSTERMAN: I know, I know better! The last house the cowman and I had we cut, split, & stacked a min. of 8 cords a year. Never wore anything but boots and wranglers cause all our tools were sharper than all get out.

  8. Hacking back the juniper can be hazardous, but it is oh-so rewarding! Ours were turned from a sea of nasty-scratchy green blow-torch to compliant little bonsai statues.