Sunday, April 26, 2015

More wine...?

This was the month that it was my turn to host book club.  I told Dad the date quite some time ago, and wrote it on our calendar. Two days before, I again reminded him. Turned out there was a little tiny bit of a conflict as he had scheduled the ol guys poker game here for the same night. He said no problem, the guys would keep the noise down. Love you Dad but I don't see that happening, could you guys play at D's house this one go round.  Poker night was moved to D's house, then cancelled due to conflicts for the other ol guys. So, we had Dad here for book club, nine women and Dad, he was in heaven. Although he spent most of the time in his room watching the ball game, he did come out to partake of the food, and to flirt with the ladies. 
Not at all sure I'm cut out to be the BC hostess type, now cowcamp I can do. You've got steak, beans, salad, salsa, beer, coffee, and pie. Damn Simple.
Book club is a whole nuther horse.  Anyway as I am chanting, "I can do this"... I threw a round of Brie in the oven to soften, sliced veggies and fruits to dip, made a plate of olive oil and balsamic vinegar with crushed garlic, finely chopped fresh rosemary, pinch of pink salt & fresh ground pepper. Sliced a baguette of rustic bread. Poured a jar of Jill's award winning Pepper Jelly over a softened brick of cream cheese, and ringed it with organic wheat crackers.  I opened bottles of red and white wines, and told them to have at it. Between the gals and Dad the only things left were a small piece of jicama and a snow pea.
The book:  We proceeded to each in turn review the book for this month.  There was much lively discussion and the consensus was that we all liked it. The book had been my selection, and I wasn't sure what their take on it would be. The book was "The Girl on the Train: A Novel" by Paula Hawkins.
I was feeling pretty darn good towards the end of the evening (the combination of wine & good company, no doubt) and thinking I had done fairly well for a country cowgirl.  When one of the gals said, "So, what's for desert?"  (Well dammit to hell and all the way back!)  "umm, I don't do deserts, more wine?"


  1. I like that Beaujolais; very good value for money. Nice one.

  2. So what was the book? And, btw food sound delicious.

  3. The cow camp food (steak, beans, garlic toast, salad, chips & salsa finished off by pie) sounds more inviting than foo-foo food, but I do understand that there are different expectations for a lady's book club. Well done with the menu - and if they didn't like that, the inexhaustible supply of wine.

  4. i somewhat agree with LL. I like the fro-fro food as well. I think you are way too reticent about how good a hostess your are. Next time have some fresh fruit and dribble some sauce over the top. What was the book?

  5. I, too, would like to know what the book was.

    It all sounds very lovely. Who needs dessert?

    And...............thanks to you I lost several hours of my life. You linked to Garden and Guns and next thing I knew it was two hours later. Some lovely articles.

  6. Beaujolais is a great dessert. ;-)

  7. +1 on LL, and as usual you pulled it off! :-)

  8. Book Club, Brie, and baguette of rustic bread? Brighid, are you in there?

  9. LSP: Glad you like my choice, Padre.

    NELLY: It actually was pretty good, or maybe I was hungry...
    Putting the book's title in the post.

    LL: Thank You kind sir. Cowcamp food will always be my favorite.

    TABOR: Putting the book in the post text, which I should have done when I wrote it...sigh

    ADRIENNE: LOL I have gotten lost in Garden & Gun before as well...

    CELIA: It is isn't it!

    OLD NFO: I got threw it with minimal embarrassment.

    WOODSTERMAN: LOL, I know doesn't seem possible does it!

  10. Some people want jam on it! I would have been happy with the wine!