Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'll show you...

I have some of the most awesome grandkids.  They are all country kids with lots of heart, try, and smarts.  All have shoveled their share of cow, horse, and pig manure. All know how to work.  All of them have a very dry sense of humor, and All are aware of how blessed they are. And I'm very aware of how incredibly blessed I am to have them in my life.

My granddaughter, Lauren recently sent me pictures, and I'm sharing...

Lauren with her big shades...


 Daniel (the boyfriend) took Lauren gliding and then asked her to the prom. Good going young man.

I have a couple thousand more pics of my grandkids, hang on a minute and I'll show you...


  1. Slick move to get her to go to prom with him. I approve of the methodology.

  2. She is adorable. What amazing dimples and such a cool prom date. Always thought gliding would be spectacular. Lucky girl.
    Your description "heart, try, and smarts" is a huge asset and can only breed success.

  3. Darling girl and as for your pictures, bring'em on!

  4. You ARE blest if they are not afraid of hard work and adventure. Most kids today a just a bit too coddled.

  5. NELLY: Thank You, I think so too, more importantly she has try & a lot of heart.

    LL: I thought it was great, he knows how to make her feel as special as she is. Smart young man.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Thanks, come on out here and we'll go up.

    CELIA: Thanks, she is a lot of fun. People run when they see me take out my phone to show them pics...

    TABOR: Maybe it's where I live, but I don't see a lot of coddled kids here. Good ol country values.

  6. I already like the young man. He is proudly sporting a University of Oregon shirt, my alma mater.

    She will do well to go to the prom with anyone who dons an Oregon shirt.

  7. Great pics, and she's a keeper for whom ever is lucky enough to capture her heart!

  8. FREDD: No worries, Lauren & her family are huge Duck fans!

    OLDNFO: Thanks, she is a keeper for sure.

    LSP: He is indeed.