Friday, April 10, 2015

Fence build...

We have started the actual build on the fence project. After a lengthy time spent trying to find some help that was reasonably affordable, I asked Suz, a neighbor gal, if she knew of anyone that might be willing to help me put it up.  She did, so she and her 19 yr old nephew came today.  We got about 1/2 of it in, and the nephew and I will finish up tomorrow, barring unforeseen problems. (Suz had already made plans to do defensible space work at her other house near Pollock Pines this weekend.) 
It isn't pretty, but it is going to serve it's purpose.  I'm trying not to think of what the Cowman would say if he saw it.

Texas Bed Fence

Washington wagon wheel fence

New Zealand bra fence

 I had thought to put up a fence that was so damn boring it would not draw attention to it's self. I might rethink that.


  1. We need pictures of the Cowgirl Fence...

  2. LL: No we don't, some things are way better left to the imagination.

  3. That bra fence looks like something Charlie Sheen would put up. Wish we could see yours. When I get a new hip I will begin building the fence of my dreams. It involves picking up a LOT of rocks.

  4. I love the bed fence.

    We put up ranch fencing along one side of our property - about 1600 feet. We were lucky to find someone through our local Nickel's Worth paper. His name was Juan and he did an outstanding job. There was no way my hubby (69 years old at the time) was going to pound in a gazillion fence posts.

    I'm with LL. I want to see the fence.

  5. Not sure I could manage putting in a fence these days, so O am in awe of you!

  6. I know what would make an outstanding fence: dead lawyers. Get yourself about 15 or twenty truck loads of dead lawyers, big fat ones if you can get 'em.

    Just dig a hole for each dead lawyer, jam the head in the hole, tamp the dirt back down around the neck, and rigor mortise will ensure that the dead lawyer pickets stand straight. Maybe chock some of the holes with their brief cases.

    Maybe stitch together adjoining dead lawyer's pin stripe suits to each other, help keep it straight.

    I'm nothing if not practical.

  7. I love the bed head fence!

  8. I think Fredd's lawyer fence idea's pretty stellar! And compared to that, yours surely looks fantastic. Come on and put up a pic! We want to praise your hard work. :)

  9. Such interesting fences and you really should show us your hard work. Good fences make good neighbors, after all.

  10. I'm with Fredd and Jenny -- make it a lawyer fence.

  11. That dead lawyer fence: make sure you order the truck loads of big, fat ugly dead lawyers (the most commonly available variety), they cover the most square footage per picket. Very cost effective.

  12. GRANNY ANNIE: Ugh Charlie Sheen! It will be wonderful when you get the new hip. The rock fence sounds like a winner.

    ADRIENNE: This was a very small piece of fence, 175'. At 68 I can do it, but not as much at one time...dammit!

    GRANNYMAR: Your many talents lie elsewhere.

    FREDD: ROFL, where the heck were you in the planning stage? Actually like my lawyer, but then he's a lean mean cowman.

    NELLY: I did too!

    JENNY: Fredd has a great idea, would you donate a couple lawyers to the cause?

    TABOR: The fence is fairly well hidden from the neighbors.

    LL: LOL, you would!

    FREDD: LOL, I don't want to stink up the neighborhood.

  13. The truck loads of dead lawyers only stink if they haven't been aged properly. You gotta make sure to order properly aged dead lawyer fence stock.

    That green stuff is no good.

  14. Fredd - that's one of the all time funniest things I've ever read. Dead layers, indeed!

  15. FREDD: You sir are hoot!

  16. Hard work, fencing. I've come to learn that, in Texas.