Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fence Up...

Since there was a hew and cry by a few souls for pics of the fence, here you go. Don't say I didn't warn you, it isn't pretty. And it sure as shoot'n wouldn't have passed inspection by the Cowman.

It isn't made of lawyers planted head first and sewn together by their suits, as Fredd suggested (wish he had been around for the planning stage of this project). Though I would excluded my attorney, (whom I like) as he's a lean, mean, savvy cowman.

  I have a few finishing things to do: paint out the tops of the T posts, put in the center wire clips on each post, and fence staple the bottom wire to the RR ties.

 ^ The north east fence line.

^  Two gates were installed by Dad, the 91 yr old, setting in his hovveround. Before you holler elder abuse, know that he is as determined as they come.

^  From the deck looking South the fence line is mostly unseen.

Willie has tested the fence and it has kept him in, so far.  Had it been my Gus,  the Scottish Terror, he would have been out in a flash and off in search of the next adventure... 


  1. That looks exactly like my fence. Lovely!! I love ranch fencing. It's so real and unpretentious, doncha know.

    We did our "back" yard with the same type of fencing 16 years ago and now it is sagging and generally looking horrid. We're going to tighten it up this summer.

    I find it funny that you're going to paint the tops of the posts. That's exactly what I did with our backyard fence. A can of green spray paint is your friend.

    I'm leaving the white tops on the side property fence so the pigs that live next door may avoid ramming into it with a one of their stolen vehicles.

  2. Very practical, doesn't detract from the nice landscaping, and keeps Willie in place. Well done!

  3. That is a lovely fence...probably too tame in style for you, but neat and accurate and the landscaping is gorgeous. Congrats to you and your dad on this.

  4. The fence doesn't have to be cow and horse proof. It has to be small Jack Russell Terrier proof. BIG difference. I think that you did a fine job.

  5. I like the lawyer bit. Make them useful, as a fence.

  6. This is the most beautiful fence I have ever seen.

  7. It's a good one! And if it works, it ain't wrong either.

  8. Also, should you get bored with it, the ladies amongst us can always send you some bras to hang on it.

  9. Great fence. Glad you got it done and your Dad got to help too(-: I didn't know you got a new doggie? Did you post about him before? I must have missed it.

  10. Hey, I think it looks great and certainly it looks a lot better than some fences I put up. That 2x4 inch is really hard to work with but is all I will use. It is mostly dog proof unless they learn to dig under. Love the landscaping and those railroad ties.

  11. I like it; same as my son's and it keeps 8 kids, cats, dogs and chickens in mostly. That's quite a yard too.

  12. ADRIENNE: Thanks for the comment. Just a thought: Have you tried tying bird flasher tape to the top wire on the fence that the pigs next door run into with hot vehicles.

    JENNY: Thanks, so far it's holding him in.

    TABOR: I actually like an unpretentious fence that melts into the landscape in this instance.

    LL: I know, just don't care to do things half-assed. Thanks.

    LSP: Yep!

    WOODSTERMAN: That is high praise indeed, thank you.

    OLD NFO: Thanks.

    JENNY: I could just see the neighborhood watch group getting out their lawn chairs...

    CINNDEE: Thanks, I got Willie not long before I moved back to take care of the folks. Still miss Gus, we traveled a lot of miles together. Give Jack a hug for me.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: I like putting in lodge pole pine fences, they are rustic enough to suit me.

    CELIA: LOL, it sounds like your son has his hands full.