Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bear garden...

The weather has been perfect for working in the over grown jungle that is this yard.  My being gone for a week seems to have been encouragement for everything to grow faster.  
The volunteer black oil sunflowers are blooming, as are the crape myrtles.

The black bamboo is towering over Dad's shop and needs thinning.  I actually will take most of it out this winter. It's not the running variety, but it can get out of hand rather quickly.

The little area of black-eyed Susans are just about done in from the triple digit warm spell we had.

Thinning the abundant crop of pomegranates needs doing as well.  I will have plenty to share and make into jelly. 


While I'm deep in the jungle working up a sweat glow, snagged by brush, stabbed by thorns, and bitten by bugs... 

Bear is smiling cause he's finally home.  Drove 3133 miles with an eye out for him, and find him on the final 35 mile stretch... go figure.


  1. I like the patriotic bear.

    And I thought that you already had the yard under control from back in your fence building days.

  2. Pomegranate jelly ? How is that made? We have a tree that looks like we might get a batch this year. I had to dig out all of my black bamboo as it did creep under the deck stairs and under the fabric cloth and just everywhere.

  3. The bear is wonderful.

    I just planted some black-eyed Susan. I got the variety Cherokee Sunset (I'm certain that's a racist name.) It's a semi double and just lovely. I know the regular ones spread like crazy. I'm hoping this one does,too.

  4. Nice little bear. Think I'll plant sunflowers in pots on the patio next year.

  5. Good luck with that Bamboo... My uncle tried for 20 years to get rid of that stuff... He NEVER did...

  6. LL: I like him as well! LOL, one of the first things learned in landscape design... there is no maintenance free yard. It's a living thing, continually evolving.

    TABOR: Pomegranate jelly is a favorite here. I don't put as much sugar in as most recipes call for. This is basically the recipe:

    ADRIENNE: Thanks! Blackeyed Susans don't usually do that well here, it gets to darn hot. Will be looking for the variety you mention.

    CELIA: I didn't have much success with Sunflowers in pots. Let me know how yours do. I did plant them in a circle one year, with purple pole beans at the base, gently tied the tops together to form a teepee.

    OLD NFO: Mom put the bamboo in, as a screen of sorts. I'm not a fan of it, and will probably take it all out. There are other plants that will work in that area, and still be manageable.

  7. BRIGID: Thanks, he adds a little humor.

  8. That bear looks like a fellow artists style. Was his name Mat? Pomegranate jelly yum, when did you say you were coming this way?

  9. WOODSTERMAN: I asked who the artist was when I got him, but they couldn't find his name. They did know he was a local young man from here in Red Bluff. Hoping to track him down.
    Pomegranate jelly: e-mail me your address and I'll make sure you get some.

  10. Saw similar bears up in Tahoe. He looks like a happy fellow. :-)

  11. NOTCLAUSWITZ: He's a home grown back of beyond Red Bluff Bear! No uber yppie Tahoe bears here. It's a matter of intense pride that he came from rough stock.