Sunday, July 2, 2017

Burn'n daylight...

Spa girl spent an hour in the swim spa the other evening trying to remember about all the settings and testing. A couple friends went with me because they are thinking they want one, and to help getting the covers back on after we swam. Those suckers are heavy. It is nice to get into after a long day in the yard, and I'm enjoying this treat. I still like my stock tank pool with a grandkid or two,

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Max the wonder cowdog, Gus the Scotty dog, and Maude my pet chicken all piled in, best. 
After I went to early mass this morning, cousin Jess and his dad came by to drop off plums so a friend can make her plum butter. 
After they left, I spent the rest of the day pruning and removing candles from an over grown black pine by the front walk. 

before photo
 I will take an after photo (if it lives). It's not the ideal time of year to be doing this but it had suffered from years of neglect on top of prior bad pruning.  Picked up another pine to put in where I removed the two big junipers that died last winter. I will use it to hide the juniper stumps, and wire it to drape over a big boulder. I'm not digging the juniper stumps out, I did saw them off as close to the ground as possible without wreaking my chainsaw.
Cleaned out the dry creek bed in the front yard yesterday, now to clean out under the sidewalk that goes over it. Not looking forward to that, but it needs doing.  The gardener that mother had just blew leaves and crap under there. You can't see it unless you get in the dry creek, but I know it's full of stuff.
After I get a couple more chapters read of the book I'm beta reading for a friend, I'm calling it a day, as I've been burn'n daylight since 4:30 this morning...


  1. Replies
    1. Changes,
      Thanks, but I get frustrated because as I get older I can't do as much as I used to, guess I need to be more thankful that I can still do stuff.

  2. It sounds as if life is returning to normal, with Willie supervising, of course.

    1. Larry,
      Yep, Willie supervises from behind the gate, he is prone to herd'n cats...
      He misses Dad, when he has had enough of me he goes and lays on Dad's bed or gets in his chair.

  3. Busy times! I like the stock tank pool--great idea~

    1. Granny Sue,
      Busy is a good thing!
      We had a spring fed one by the house on the SV ranch. Sure came in handy for a refreshing soak,or morning ablutions when the generator wasn't working.