Sunday, November 1, 2015


In honor of All Saints Day I got out the biscuit recipes and told Dad he was in for a real surprise. "I'm mak'n biscuits for breakfast," I said with all the bravado of someone that knows there be dragons, biscuit dragons to be exact. Dad must have forgotten my last attempt, or his love of biscuits overshadowed his memory.
I've been working at making decent biscuits for quite some time, and failing for quite some time.  Undaunted, I proceeded to put together Brigid's  (Home on the Range blog) Buttermilk Biscuit recipe. I know this makes awesome biscuits as she is a fantastic cook!  I did sub Kefir for buttermilk cause that's what I had and her recipe for Kefir pancakes is Dad and my favorite.  
Put it together and baked it according to the recipe.  And Presto Change O... we had pip'n hot pucks fresh out of the oven...

Dad said, they were sure interesting look'n, and after one bite slipped the rest to Willie, who promptly ran off to cough'm up in private.
Still undaunted, or just plain hard headed, I threw that batch over the back fence and started another batch. Dad said not to bother on his account as he was full!

Different recipe for this batch, from the Norse Nook and no subbing...

I made these just as the recipe said, put'm in the oven and Presto Change O... we had pip'n hot square wagon wheels...

 Dad, bless his heart, gave it one more try.  He said these were a little better, Willie just ran off kiyaying. I asked Dad what he really thought. He thought it was a good thing that he already had his will done...


  1. I can relate. My biscuits used to look much like yours.

    A few years ago our pastor was over for dinner and my biscuits looked like hockey pucks. Once again I was baffled.

    He asked me if I had checked the expiration date on my baking powder. Wait, what? Baking powder had an expiration date? Mine was about 3 or 4 years past it's sell by date.

    How did I make it into my 60's without knowing that? Probably because I don't use very much baking powder.

    So I did some research, and lo and behold, that was the problem.

    Now I just replace it every 6 months to a year. Thank goodness it's cheap.

  2. Was there gravy to pour over them as well?

  3. ADRIENNE: I checked the dates on everything before I started, all recent, so I can't say it was the baking powder. I'm wondering if it's oven temp. Restocking tomorrow and will try again...

    LL: Elk burger gravy.

  4. It is surprising how much humidity or lack thereof has to do with bread type baking.

  5. Not being one to eat or cook biscuits I can't help you. I could run em through the table saw fir ya and give em the saw dullness test. Iffen they make it through thar without bustin a tooth they be fit to eat.

  6. They'd work with gravy! :-) MOST things work with good gravy... just sayin... :-)

  7. Get a sling shot and see what you can bring down. :-)

  8. TABOR: Hadn't thought about that element, thanks.

    WOODSTERMAN: No biscuits!!! I wouldn't do that to your table saw, it would be dull & toothless in a heart beat.

    OLD NFO: "Good gravy" being the key! I'm about as good with gravy as I am with biscuits!

    CELIA: You might have hit on the perfect methodology! I watched one plucky Jay take a biscuit and "try" to fly off with it...

  9. Pickup a package of self rising flour and follow the directions on the package. Use solid shorting not oil. Best ones you ever ate.

  10. JENNY: She is spot on!

    RIVERHAULER LARRY B: Thanks for the hints. There was no recipe on my flour bag, but I found another one to try, and used shortening. They were a bunch better.