Friday, November 13, 2015

Hurry up & wait...

Normally, if there is a normal here, Dad hosts the Old Farts poker game, every other Thursday. Usually there are 5 to 9 players... depending on what the weather is like and how bad their golf game was that day.

Since he was having a vocal cord biopsy done on Thursday this week he switched the game to Wed night.  While I was paying bills, and cleaning out the garage, Dad was busy sharing the wealth with his compadres... They drink a little beer, and being well mannered gentlemen never touch my bottles of Kilt Lifter, or Guinness.  They eat most of the snacks put out... which range from warm Brie with craft bread to little smokies in grape jelly/BBQ sauce. I like them, so no biscuits are served.  They all love Jill's Pepper Jelly over cream cheese with crackers... thanks to Jill's mom Jody!  "Hi Jody!"

Thursday, was a long day for Dad. I got him checked into the hospital at noon, with the biopsy scheduled for 2.  With the comedy of errors that followed... he didn't have the procedure til 6:30PM.  After they released him, I drove him home, fed him his milkshake, and put him to bed at 9:45PM.

Dad's surgeon, says we have to wait for the path report, but he is pretty certain it's cancer. Good news is that it is small, and should respond very well to radiation, with a 95% cure rate.

Dad is up this morning causing trouble, doing well, and in no pain.  I'll take that.


  1. Praying for you and your Dad. May he keep on making trouble.

  2. Go ahead and break out the biscuits. Life's short.

  3. Looks like a toast of something expensive should be given all around. Doctor's do not throw around those kind of odds lightly.

  4. Dad plays hard and takes life at full stride. I like his style. I'm sure he'll beat this.

  5. CELIA: Awe thanks. He is quite the character, keeps me on my toes...

    FREDD: lol, so far my biscuits could be classified as lethal weapons.

    TABOR: Good idea! Docs aren't usually so optimistic, good sign.

    OLD NFO: Thank You Sir.

    LL: He is for sure a character, God lov'm!

  6. Your dad is a one off with wonderful spirit, may he shout for many a long year yet.

  7. So YOU were the one who taught the mess sergeant about biscuits, the one in the marching ditty:

    They say that in the Army, the biscuits are might fine,
    But one rolled off the table, and killed a pal of mine
    Oh, I have had enough of Army life:
    Hey, Ma, I wanna go
    Gee Ma, I wanna go
    Hey, Ma, I wanna go home

    (Got to your left, your right, your left. Go to your left, your right, your left....)

    And so on.

  8. prayers, and thanks, Fredd for the biscuit song.

  9. I would love to be a little birdie listening at the conversation around that poker table! I pray many blessings for your papa.

  10. Prayers for your dad, and for extra strength for you. <3 I second Tabor, and also like Fredd's comments!

  11. GRANNYMAR: LOL he's one off all righty!

    FREDD: wow, there is a biscuit ditty! Lock & Load.

    LSP: Thank you padre, as for Fredd... his biscuits are in the mail.

    GRANNY ANNIE: LOL, I was telling Dad's surgery nurse about Dad's poker night, and she asked if I waited on them in a cocktail waitress outfit. Nope, but what an interesting idea...hmmm...

    JENNY: Thanks for the prayers! A little bubbly can surely make things look fine. Fredd's on his own til the biscuits arrive.

  12. Dad, you mind nurse Cratchet Brighid.

  13. WOODSTERMAN: LOL...damn straight!