Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Veterans Day...

For me to thank him for his service seems so trite, but to have the guys he served with thank him is Huge. 

I pray that he finds honor in all that he has done to save lives.  

He is still active duty.  He is a Veteran of multiple deployments in harms way. 

He's a young man, who has seen the worst of war and the best of men.
I pray that the Father watches over him. Doc O is my grandson.

Doc O on the far left, "he did more for us than most people will ever know. Thanks"
- J Lloyd


  1. Prayers for him and all veterans.

  2. He's a treasure as are all of his buddies. You are very justly proud. Bless you for you await his return.

  3. Thanks Doc and all of the custodians of our nation's defense.

  4. LSP: Indeed Padre!

    WOODSTERMAN: They are the future of this country, may they long endure.

    LL: Amen.

  5. +1 all of the above. I have so much love for the people who protect our nation.

  6. Your grandson is one of our nation's treasures. He, like my two nephews serving abroad, is the type of human with a moral fiber as strong as steel and as deep as the sea.

    Without him--and the service of so many others--our freedoms as we know them would look vastly different.

    To your grandson and to all veterans of all wars, we thank you all for the bravery, commitment, and passion that makes us all proud!

  7. Be proud! And thank him for us old farts...

  8. I'm proud of your grandson too, and grateful for him. I'm keeping him in my prayers.

  9. JENNY: Thanks for supporting those who served.

    CHERI: Well said, Thank You.

    OLD NFO: Thank You Old Fart for your service and leading by example.

    CELIA: Thank You for caring.