Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hunt'n biscuits...

Still hunt'n success with the biscuit mak'n, but dang if I'm not gett'n closer.  The batch I made today, are taller, fluffier, and just a tad over baked.

Dad said they are great, but then he's not the best judge as he's been eat'n biscuit pucks for a while now...

My Oregon family have filled all their tags this hunting season.  They've done well at making sure their families have meat for the winter. I offered them some of my biscuits, but they wisely said they already had all the ammo they needed...

Meanwhile, back here we can now see SNOW on Mt. Lassen...

 and our usual small town normal...


  1. I am from Oregon myself, and heard this joke for the first time there (it fits with your post):

    A man with an IQ of 140 died, and went to heaven where he stood at the Pearly Gates in front of St. Peter, who asked him "I see you have an IQ of 140, did you get your Master's degree? The man answered, "yes, I got an MBA." St. Peter said, 'very good, you may enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

    Another guy with an IQ of 110 died, went to heaven and went through the same interview with St. Peter. "I see you have an IQ of 110, did you get your bachelor's degree? "Why yes, I got a BA in Accounting." St. Peter then said "very well, you may enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

    Third guy dies, he's from Oregon and has an IQ of 79. St. Peter says "I see you have an IQ of 79. Did ya git yer deer?" And the man says, "yup, a 6-pointer." And St. Peter says "very well, you may enter the Kingdom...."

  2. FREDD: LOL, Are you from Portlandia, or Oregon? St Peter knows that IQ is not a true test of ability to perform...

  3. Oh my goodness I need to get my goats again so I can hook up to a wagon take me to town. And those biscuits look perfect to me! Yummy yummy ! Oops now I don't think that's a goat I think it's a dog

  4. That's quite a dog you have there. Oh, yup, winter done sprung up. Three inches two days ago and another inch last night.

  5. I love watching 'Portlandia,' where young people go to retire, and everybody is in a band.

    I hail from the poor man's Berkeley: Eugene. And just FYI, nobody knows what exactly St. Peter knows or doesn't now. I believe that he knows EVERYTHING. But that is a matter of faith, as you know...

  6. Tasty looking biscuits!

    And i'm jealous of the hunt...

  7. There is always the ratio with game. I favor venison to be smoked and jerked or ground and mixed with beef (deer burgers). I also like the roasts.

    Elk is so much more mild, depending on the circumstances of the animal (was it stressed before it was shot, what was the temperature outside - for meat preservation, etc). I prefer elk to venison hands-down.

  8. GRANNY ANNIE: Wouldn't a goat cart be fun. The biscuits are a work in progress...

    WOODSTERMAN: LOL That dog cart is way too fancy for me. Glad to hear you got snow, we sure need it.

    FREDD: One of my Oregon crew is a lay minister in Euuugene! Ducked out of the priesthood to marry a Brazilian. St Peter knows the whole story...

    LSP: Hey Padre, you shoot, want me to send you some ammo biscuits?

    LL: Elk is preferred here as well. We always liked the venison jerked. We gave most of it away to needy families in the area.

  9. I missed filling my tag while we chased stump-deer across an empty meadow. The smart deer had already moved to lower elevations where there's apples to eat. Snow on the Sierras is piling up and its balmy 37 degrees this morning!

  10. I live in MI, where today it was 67 degrees. Next week, they say we could have highs in the upper 30's to low 40's.
    We have an Elk season, with a drawing for tags, very few, with most Elk in the northern lower peninsula. Our Whitetail deer season for rifles runs from Nov. 15- 30, with many variations for youth hunters, etc.
    I have never been to Oregon, or even to the Pacific Northwest area at all, but from everything I have seen, the natural beauty found there even surpasses my home state of Michigan, which is saying something. I am sure you know this, but enjoy every moment you can of each day you can spend looking at the scenery. Between that and the relationships in your lives, nothing else matters.

  11. NOTCLAUSWITZ: Sorry to hear you didn't get a buck, but the good part is getting out and enjoying the adventure. Let it Snow!

    PIGPEN51: Oh I hope you get to see the Pacific Northwest some fine day. Pictures don't begin to do it justice. Northern Calif is beautiful as well. I never take for granted the awesome beauty that surrounds me.

  12. We've had temps in the 70's and 80's lately... I'm a little reluctant that this could be changing for a spell. I have no elk furs to hide under when it dips down to 50!

    Love all those pics! (Including the snow, being that it is far in the distance!)