Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Burn't biscuits...

Ike and I have a lot in common at the moment, neither one of us seem to know which end is up.

I have slowed up on the biscuit trials for a while, giving Dad's stomach a chance to recover from my past endeavors.

Opened the dishwasher to have the door slam into my leg. Well hell, that smarted! The door spring had busted. No one within 50 miles had replacement parts.  Ordered the parts online and they have arrived. Now to remove the kick plate and install the new spring and door linkage. Should be a snap...

Got an estimate from the gardener that used to do Mom's pruning. Say what, you want how much just to do the front! I would have had to severely deplete one of my emergency funds in order to afford that guy.  If I take it one section at a time and stay on task I should have most of it done by the time I'm 70.  

Some people get to go on ride-about on tropical islands, some people get to stay home and McGyver and wack brush, and burn biscuits... (grins) 

Ike, who is quite the character, is my nephew's pup


  1. Ike looks to be taking life in broad strategic strokes instead of worrying about the little things...

  2. Ike is so cute. I want to hug him and give him little kisses on the spot between his eyes.

    We solved the dishwasher problem by just not using it. Our door is sprung, too. Two people = two dishes,two forks, and two cups. Wash, put away.

    Biscuits? Buy some Bisquick and call it a day.

  3. That dog is a beast! Even with all the brushing it would take to keep him looking good, I want one!

  4. LOL, there ARE days like that... And look at the upside, it's vigorous exercise... And outside! :-)

  5. The dishwashers are against us, clearly. We must fight back.

  6. LL: Yes, neither he nor I are bright enough to sweat the small stuff, and it's mostly small stuff...

    ADRIENNE: Isn't he a cutie!
    I went without a dishwasher for years, it was never a problem, something soothing about washing and chatting and sharing chores.

    C W SWANSON: He really isn't all that big yet! He does have a bit of a berserker look about him. I was thinking that if I dyed my hair red we could be tw... well maybe not.

    JENNY: Just don't let'm see you sweat. Easy peasze... All in and done, works perfectly, on to next project.

  7. WOODSTERMAN: Gott'r done! On to brush whacking & rewiring the rudder cables on the kayak...