Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bits n Pieces...

My daughter, Marymine's birthday is today.  She is an amazing woman in so many ways! 
I miss living close enough to see her everyday, there is always lots going on at her place. Between kids, dogs, critters, family, and friends there is never a dull moment. And she is a fantastic cook! (I know...that gene skipped a generation.)

Marymine and her crew

We had two inches of rain a couple days ago, which started the feed. Yep, shoots are the field, and there is sign that the fawn is back.

Ideal weather for planting the Aptos Blues I bought earlier in the summer.  They are going to fill some holes in the wind breaks.  
Been trying to prune back the landscape jungle that the folks had planted when they built.  It was way over planted, and the gardener has just been shearing it back in places. Consequently it has entirely lost it's design form, if there was one.  Getting it back to a more esthetically pleasing design is a challenge. If it were up to me alone, the sound of a chain saw would fill the air. Reducing the multitude of garden figure chachkies is helping.  But it has to be done slowly, as not to upset the elders...sigh.

Willie has finally gotten his new doggles...and is ready to hit the road to new adventures.

"Punch it Granny!"



  1. It's very important that Willie (unit supervisor) is properly equipped.

    As to (the rest) of your family, they do you proud.

  2. Birthday greetings to Marymine and you of course. Big day all around.

  3. With every single picture, fact, and facet of Willie revealed, I love him more.
    Those goggles!!

    With a crew that fun-looking, I'm sure your daughter had a great birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Marymine!
    Love the new shades!


  5. Congratulations and best wishes to Marymine!

    I lurve the doggles!

  6. That rain was good for the fire that was heading my way.

  7. Happy birthday to her! And hope somebody did a cake! ;-)

  8. BRIGID: Thanks, we know what it is to have amazing daughters.

    LL: He thinks so. They have made me proud, I am blessed.

    CELIA: Marymine's special day!

    JENNY: He thinks he's tough stuff. She did, went to a SF Giants game, whoo hoo.

    CINDEE: Thanks. I could see Jack in a pair of Doggles.

    GRANNYMAR: Thank You. They are pretty cool.

    ODIE: I thought of you & yours, how close did it get to you?

    OLD NFO: Thanks. She got tickets to a Giants game instead...better deal.

  9. Cooking may have skipped a gene but the looks didn't. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Willie is working his Doggles.

  10. ARKANSAS PATTI: Thanks! I will tell her. Willie hasn't decided if he likes the flames on them yet...