Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Making a loop...

 I needed to check on an ol friend and her family. So this morning, with a caregiver to stay with mom, I loaded up Dad and took him with me on a little ol 200 mi loop.
When we pulled into LG's place she was just finishing feeding the horses.

 She has been feeding hay all summer, as irrigation water is too expensive.  It is very dry there, they didn't get nearly as much rain as we did from this last storm.  The permanent pastures have all dried up, and their well is barely keeping the houses and horses in water.  They are trying to get through the environmental permits to put in a new stock well. What a damn nightmare that has been.
The critters, LG, T, & Pops where all glad to see us, and visit for a spell.
the girls working the back door

LG carries a pretty darn big load and does it well. (her hubby T is a quad due to a horseback fall some years back.)  For all the problems, or possibly because of them, she and her faith are strong.

the back bathroom

I like going there, simply because it all reminds me of a life I once lived...


  1. The life of a farmer or a rancher is never easy. In this case -- well it's damned hard.

  2. It looks pretty dry there too. We had 4 1/2 inches here and I see green poking up but it is not nearly enough and of course the wind has been blowing.)-: Yup a ranchers work is never done and it is never easy. Will pray for some rain for them and their permit to get a well in asap! Why does a permit have to be so hard to get? )-:

  3. I don't know if I could do it. You know life would be a lot simpler in this state if a few dams would have been built in the last 60 years.

  4. Thanks for taking the time, and it's a damn hard life! NOT for the faint of heart or will!

  5. You are a great friend. It can be a tough life on farms and ranches even without disabilities. Strong people though. The weather has been faithless here also. Froze the orchards last winter, and no rain to speak of here since, just dry wind.

  6. Sometimes the visit of a friend really lightens the load. Thoughtful of you to visit your friend.
    I do hope they get some rain relief soon.

  7. LL: She and I have often said to each other that it is an amazingly beautiful and challenging life that only a few get to live.

    CINDEE: I heard thru the cow vine that you got a bunch of rain! North wind is not our friend that's for damn sure, finally starting to lay down here. Thanks for the prayers for them.

    ODIE: It sure isn't the life for everyone! I think you Are where you were meant to be... so talented!

    OLD NFO: Hard is relative, there are many blessings on that road.

    CELIA: She has Been There for me, so any kindness returned is small in comparison. Praying for a good fall for all of us.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: I can make her laugh & forget for a moment a trouble, that is what friends do!

  8. Serious drought is unknown to us in Ireland, The first photo above, really brings it home to me.

    You are a kind and true friend.

  9. A visit like that makes a huge difference to anyone, no matter how heavy their load is. You're an excellent friend!

  10. I'll try again as I see my comment did not post.

    You are a mensch.

  11. I am not nearly as tough as you or your friend but after attending my high school reunion and being reminded of my city girl past, I couldn't wait to return to the estate:)

  12. "For all the problems, or possibly because of them, she and her faith are strong."

    True words. We become stronger in our trials. That's something liberals can't seem to grasp and Born Again Existentialists like me live by.

  13. Off topic but, happy Feast of our Lady of Victory (Rosary).

  14. GRANNYMAR: Different places, different challenges.

    JENNY: Trying...

    LSP: Yes, and no rain in sight...

    CHERI: lol... not hardly.

    GRANNY ANNIE: Anyone who can get through a class reunion unscathed is a better person than I...

    EURIPIDES: Some do and those are the ones I gravitate toward.
    Nice to meet ya, BAE!

    LSP: Thank you for the reminder.

  15. ALL: I had to use the bathroom while I was there... went in and started laughing! (see the pic). I guess only the ranch raised get the boots, caps, vests, halters, and AI tank in there!