Thursday, September 4, 2014


Preppers be prepping, 
for Winter is coming, 
any good Viking berserker
 would tell you to be prepared,
so...  skål


  1. The viking idea of a hot tub required that participants party naked. I'm only pointing that out - not advocating one way or the other.

  2. Have never seen this! Looks like fun as long as there is not too much alcohol involved.

  3. Despite LL's racy comment, I endorse this.

  4. LL: LOL... only a person of impaired vision might think that a good idea for someone my age.

    TABOR: It does look interesting! I didn't see a drop of Scotch on there, so it must be safe.

    JENNY: You would be most welcome, I am quite sure.

    LSP: Padre, Just think you could bless & baptize at every port of call. YeeHaw!

  5. I didn't say that clothing was optional. I'm only citing historic precedent.

    I think that the prettier the people are in the tub/tug, the less alcohol is required.

  6. LL: Everyone in my hottug best be wearing a camelbak full of scotch, then...just say'n.

  7. Brig - that sounds like an event that I'd be invited to.

  8. Berserkers were indeed famous for fighting stark raving nekkid, so the same rule must apply for the hot tug.

    I see you spelled skål the Swedish way, which naturally is correct. Tala du svensk?

  9. LOL, that would engender a few double takes in your local river... And Scotch works!!! :-)

  10. CW - Since Brighid is indeed a berserker, I see a pattern forming...

  11. LL, I like the pattern we are seeing.

  12. LL: Invite extended...

    CW: LOL, cow country berserkers wear chinks when going into battle..
    Nej, jag klippa och klistra väl dock.

    OLD NFO: Wouldn't it though! Scotch for sure.

    LL: What are you up to, trouble...?

    CW: ahhh, Trouble is in the wind.