Monday, September 22, 2014

Trail notes...

The ol doe is back. She has been missing from the trail that Willie and I run, since the fire.  No signs of the buck or the fawn...

Rocky raccoon has moved back into his condo.

 Willie thinks he would like a piece of Rocky, not a wise idea.

The lone wild turkey has left sign that he is back as well.  He has a predilection for a certain shrub in a neighbor's yard. The neighbor that is very anal about his landscaping, and not an especially friendly fellow. I have seen the gobbler gobbling away on his shrub, laughed quietly and walked on... 

The Crow by Rudi Hurzlmeier


  1. Look closely at the entrance to Rocky's home on the right side and see if you can see what I imagine.

    Love the trails and your ability to spot what is going on. Ron was able to do that very well and at one time was one of only 6 licensed trappers in the state of California.

    Tell us more about that last picture. Is it your creation?

  2. I saw two deer last evening on my walk. A Doe and a Buck. First ones I have seen then for a while. I think they are hiding out here. Shhhhhhhhh(-:
    A skunk eats the cat food every night if I don't put it away. Haven't seen a raccoon for a while either and of course the turkeys all hang out here in the yard all day. They are destructive things, but I enjoy seeing them(-:

  3. I live in a concrete jungle. There are coyotes here that harvest feral cats, but neither leave tracks. Sometimes there's cat hair and a little gore, but usually not even that because they take the intact carcass back to their pups to tear apart.

    I'm glad that balance is returning to your world as reflected by your walk-about.

  4. Glad to hear at least a few creatures made it through...

  5. Welcome return! We got rain finally with a lot of lightening. Hope there are no more fires where you are or anywhere. We had a moose cow wandering about nibbling on the shrubbery at Walla Walla CC and then she waltzed across a four lane street to taste the offerings at a local motel. She's been here for a few years now, often with a pair of youngn's.

  6. Nice arrangement in the first photo!

    Love taking walks out in nature and noticing the lives of little critters who are totally oblivious to all my own personal drama. Adds nice perspective to the world.

    Willie is a hoot. :)

  7. Ha, sounds like you might have left some corn out to keep that turkey around.
    Love the raccoon condo.

  8. GRANNY ANNIE: I see the face of a cougar at the bottom of the entrance... Which part of the state did Ron work? We lived next door to a state trapper for a while. Really interesting stories. Pic is from a friend's file.

    CINDEE: There were two flocks of wild turkeys (30-40) that came through my old yard daily.

    LL: I can hear the coyotes hereabouts, but they don't seem to be thinning the cat population, dammit! Move away from the concrete, it destroys souls.

    OLD NFO: Only crispy critters were some lizards...

    CELIA: They can be fun to see, but also very destructive outside their normal habitat.

    JENNY: Thanks, my feather collection from all over the back of beyonds...

    ARKANSAS PATTI: I never feed the wild things...Mother Nature has her system down.

  9. Just had to let you know I have that same Rudi Hurzlmeir framed poster hanging on my "office" wall! Love his work!

  10. CHICKENMOM: How cool! I love it too!

  11. I second LL -- good walk-about.

    I hope you were armed.

  12. LSP: Willie and I do the trails twice a day, great to be outside. I can't carry my little Sig yet, permit still in the works, but I am armed in other ways...