Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Well Spit...

 I seem to collect rocks and feathers... does that mean I'm flighty but grounded?

Spent yesterday on the river chasing salmon with Dad and (his friend) D. I get very leery about the chances of a successful outing when the only trailers at the ramp are gov guys. I won't get into the prelaunch: dead battery, the travel to D's house to get another, the fact that D's place needs to be dozed...
  Drove ol Ugly up and down all the hot spots. The river is really low, which means you have to go really really fast to plane over the gravel bars. Yee Haw!

recent catch on boat
Dad was frustrated that he was not even getting a bump, with salmon jumping all around us, D didn't seem to care.  Though D wasn't real happy to have to get in the river with me, to help lift the motor out of the water to unplug the weeds from the intake, twice. 
Dad is really pushing it lately! Dad, D, and I were talking about shotguns and bird hunting while waiting for a damn salmon to jump into ol Ugly, when Dad says to D, "If you'll take Brig pheasant hunting down at the range, I'll pay for all the birds."  Which embarrassed the heck out of me, and I think D as well...
D stuttered... "aaah sure, I aaah can take her, I guess!"   Really, what could the poor man say, he's in Dad's boat, in the middle of the river, with me at the helm.  Dad is getting way too into his scheming, I have no interest in D, and I suspect D feels the same about meHe knows Trouble when he sees it.
My granddaughter, Lauren, played HS volleyball up here yesterday evening. So I got to see her and Marymine. Yeah!  Lauren, calls'm as she sees'm, is a really good player, and a hoot to boot.

part of the WINNING team, Lauren on the R


  1. Flighty but grounded is a good way to be!

  2. GRANNYMAR: Are you sure about that...

    LSP: I think it's going to take a high mass to get this done...

  3. I think that I need to put on SCUBA and hook up a fish that I buy in the freezer section at the local market to fulfill his wish.

    Treat D like he's the hottest guy in town and he'll come around.

  4. LL: Dad's a sneaky ol codger, gave me a paper to file, said to read it before I filed it. Cordial to his will: leaving all the guns, and ol Ugly to me... bait'n me to keep taking him shooting & fishing!
    D is most definitely not my type, sooo not going there.

  5. I have probably said this before, but my dad was never happier than when I found Ron. Dad was struggling to recover from a massive stroke and somehow he knew that Ron would not only take care of me, he would look after my mother too and he sure did that. Give you dad a break. He needs some credit for the best intentions.

  6. LOL, gotta admit he's determined... :-)

  7. GRANNYANNIE: Your Ron was a rare man! I'm so glad he met you. re Dad: mmmm, his intentions are questionable at times... God love'm!

    OLD NFO: He's that all righty!

  8. You gotta set your dad straight on this Mr. D fellow.

  9. EURIPIDES: Yep we are going to have a little discussion...

  10. If you want to chase D away, you can always talk to him about nothing but Jesus. That's usually a mood killer.

  11. LL: Just being myself is going to do that...