Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Salmon fishing part 5...

I went to the local go to guys last week and said "Please teach me what I need to know about fishing for salmon. My Dad is 90 and really needs to catch one."  A large chunk of change later I had all the tools and some of the knowledge.  

Dad and I went out in old Ugly again Monday. She is home from the boat hospital, finally. They didn't hookup the fish/depth finder, but Dad said we didn't need it cause he didn't think it worked right anyway.  Well when the river is this low it's sorta nice to know when you are going to hit a gravel bar.  Thankfully the river is clear so you can see the bottom and sorta gauge depth from that.

Jim, a girlfriend's guy went with us.  He was practically raised on the river, so was a lot of help.  Taught me a bunch of tactics for boondoggling, and drifting, and handling ol Ugly.
Jim perfecting the art of the birds nest...

We didn't catch anything, but Dad got some good bumps.  He was fishing with roe and Jim was using a sardine wrapped flat fish. We had salmon jumping around us, and could see them swimming, so it wasn't like there were no fish.
Dad fishing....

Dad went again today and took a friend of his, D. I couldn't go as I had a conference call coming from the doctors. 
They didn't catch anything, but had a good time according to Dad. 
Later in the evening Dad was raving about what nice a guy D is and how D kept saying he wished I could have come with them.  I swear alarms went off in my head.  Next thing I know Dad says, "Oh, by the way he wants to date you."  "He said he would see you tomorrow night at the poker game here."  Date! I haven't been on a date in years, well except for the short kilted guy in the shiny shirt...sigh... 



  1. It sounds as if your father is looking after your interests.

    When you look at it from another perspective, a lady with a boat is quite a catch.

  2. Oh dear, well the worst that could happen is it doesn't work out. Only you and he know if there is any chemistry going on.

  3. love the pics! -- waiting with "baited" (har) breath for the story that comes out of poker night tonight! :) Hope it's fun!

  4. We'll all expect a full report about D!

  5. Your Dad is certainly persistent. This guy can't be too bad. He likes your Dad, takes him fishing and plays poker. Lots of positives there. Can't wait to hear.

  6. Can't wait to hear what happens next. ;-)

  7. You need to post a photo of you with D so we can further evaluate the potential for a match. (does D wear a kilt, for example, as the previous beau did?) Does D own a horse? Does D show an interest in buying you some really interesting boots?

    Don't pull out the cattle prod on the first date. Leave some mystery for the relationship as it blossoms.

  8. Still trying to get rid of you eh??? ;-) Go have fun, you deserve it!

  9. LL: I rather think Dad is looking out for Dad's interests. I don't have a boat so that lets me off.

    TABOR: No chemistry.

    JENNY: It's guys poker night and I wouldn't think of setting in...

    EURIPIDIES: There really is nothing to report. Damn dull around here.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Lots of positives for a buddy for Dad. Not even close to what I'm looking for...

    CELIA: Ya know I didn't realize I had such high standards.

    LL: He's really a nice guy, but not my type, and he doesn't have ah any of the things you listed.

    OLD NFO: He's sure not giving it up easily...sigh. I do get to go have some range therapy today, YeeHaw!

  10. That fishing expedition sounds strangely like mine -- lots of jumping, no catch... Perseverance is key. I tell myself.

  11. Is it really possible to visit the gunny place too often? If they know your name, that just means you know what you're doing.