Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hot Spot...

We have had nine fires set within 1/2 a mile of the house recently, the latest a few day ago. All in the field that abuts our neighbor...hood.

 That field is where the retired parole officer and his wife run, and where Willie and I run/jog.  I tried running on the subdivision's streets, but that was not a good fit.  There are no quail, turkey, raccoon, does or fawns there to track, there are no sounds of doves or meadow larks, or raucous scrub jays, or bell cows, and the air doesn't smell like Mother Nature's garden.
I had been concerned that there were no fire breaks put in around the field, as the fuel load was high. One neighbor didn't seem to realize that he had a perfect fire ladder to his house.  Finally, a couple of weeks ago the owners of the field bladed in a bunch of fire breaks, and a large berm at the end of our street to keep people from driving into the field. The berm was effective in keeping the water tinders, and tractor/trailer with the dozer from getting into the fire. A neighbor showed them where access would be possible.

There are a lot of vagrants/druggies around town, and the consensus is that the fire bug is in that group.  The neighbors tell me that since the large releases of prisoners from prison to small county seats, nothing is safe, especially if left on the street.  This in a neighborhood full of retired military, and many resident retired/active LEOs of one branch or another. 
Haven't been packing my little Sig because the darn field is within the city limits, and my CCW permit is still in processing.  I do take my cell phone and assorted other devices.

 When I lived on the home ranch, my brother's wife came out to visit and said she could never live out like that, she would be afraid all the time. Which seemed so strange to me, as we were armed to the teeth, had a couple of dogs that wouldn't let anyone near us, and you could hear someone drive over the third cattle guard. Thieves had to want your stuff pretty bad to come out to the middle of 12,000 acres to try and take it.  The same was true for fire bugs. They seldom made it out of the area before being caught. 
  Much easier pick'ns and fire bugging in town. 


  1. I think that a controlled burn may be in order? Or not. Just looking at that tinder is concerning.

  2. Same up here with the druggies/homeless. I was down there last weekend and was actually impressed with how I didn't see any of those people walking the streets. Up here you see them in droves.)-: I laughed when I read about your sister in law. So many people say that about where I live too. I would rather live out then in town.(-:
    Hope the fire starters go somewhere father south.(-:

  3. While our community is having a bad drug problem, we are not yet seeing the crime on a terrible scale. Car break ins. The new "politicians" running for office say they are going to do something about it. One own my local liquor store, but I haven't crossed paths with him to find out what his plans are!

  4. LL: I agree on the control burn and so does my CalFire neighbor, alas we live in Kaliforniastan. All the ranchers used to do control burns in the late fall, which made for better feed/habitat for everything in the spring.

    CINDEE: You must have been down on a slow day, because they are usually walking about in droves here too. I would rather live way out, but the situation at present precludes that.

    TABOR: As well as having all the prisoner releases into our small town, we are right on I5 "The drug running road" between Mexico & Canada.

  5. Forget berms and fire breaks -- sounds to me like you need a bunch of shirtless cowboys strolling around in these fields, keeping some law and order.
    Strictly in the name of safety.

  6. Probably ought to put a couple in those floating hot tubs on the rivers where you go fishing, too.

    In a battle against druggies and vagrants, you must simply outnumber them.

  7. JENNY: I don't know any cowboys that stroll, a lot that ride... one thing or another (horses-ATVs-pickups)

  8. JENNY: A Viking hottug on the Sacramento River would be a hoot.
    Most of the druggies and vagrants around here don't seem to like water, thank goodness.

  9. I was under the impression that at least some stood around holding saddles and having their photo taken... but I don't know where I got that idea in my head. ;)

    But that's alright-- cowboys that ride are even better! Good call.

  10. Be careful out there.

    God bless.

  11. Nothing scarier than fire danger close to hoome. Lived through Florida in Flames and that was enough.
    That it might be arson is sickening. So sorry you are in such a high crime area. Now I understand your desire to be armed.
    Stay safe from fire and hooligans.

  12. Ouch, that is NOT good... firebreaks or not... And yes, safety first!

  13. JENNY: I don't know where you got that idea either ;)

    LSP: Trying Padre Trying.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Thank You!

    OLD NFO: Yes, fire breaks only work to a certain extent. Thankfully we did not have the hellacious North wind we had the day before, or there would have been homes lost.

  14. But I'm curious-- why are they starting fires anyway?
    Is it sheer terrorizing?

    That's scary business-- we had a bunch around here a couple years ago, and I had bags packed for the kids and me (and the hedgie) for the entire season, expecting a situation where we'd have to flee. It's majorly stressful...

  15. JENNY: I don't know why they do it. Thankfully the North wind was not howling like it had the day before or we would have been in a world of hurt.